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Cemetery Burial Services With Funeral Homes

  • On January 27, 2020

Whether you are planning your own service with funeral homes in Pittsburgh, PA, or a loved one has passed on and you need to plan services for them, there are options to consider. Just because you know you want burial doesn’t mean you have to have everything that a burial usually includes. Most people will start with a visitation or viewing, have a full funeral, and then go on to a burial ceremony, but that doesn’t mean that’s what you want for this situation. If you want to keep things on the simple side, you could skip the first two things and move straight to the burial service. Here are a few reasons you might go that route:


Traditional burial is more expensive than cremation, but if that’s what you want for yourself or your love done, there’s nothing wrong with going that route. If you find that you can’t afford the entire traditional services, that’s okay, there are still options to consider. You can cut back on costs by skipping the visitation and/or funeral and going straight to the cemetery burial service. You can have something short and sweet and to the point for a smaller price that you can afford.


Many visitations and even funerals are open to the public so that anyone who knew your loved one can attend, show their support, and empathize with the family. Perhaps you don’t want a big fuss made over you or your loved one. Instead, you want a small gathering of just family and close friends. IT’s easier to exclude the public when you have something small at the graveside instead of a full funeral or visitation. Others understand more easily if you are doing something small instead of closing things off to them when there’s space for them. Intimate services that are very special and personal can be held right at the graveside before burial takes place.


Setting up a visitation and funeral can take time and the process itself usually spans a couple of days. IT’s not that you don’t want to give your loved one that time and effort, but if you want to put them to rest as quickly as possible, or that’s what you want for yourself in the future, there’s nothing wrong with foregoing the normal process and just having something small and simple at the cemetery to honor them.

There are plenty of answers to final service questions and the funeral homes in Pittsburgh, PA can help you find the answers that are right for your situation. Contact the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care, tell us about your circumstances, and we can make recommendations that might suit you. We’ll never decide for you, but we’re happy to carry out the decisions you make once you have made them. You can visit with our funeral director at 5405 Steubenville Pike Pittsburgh, PA 15136 and take a tour of our facilities. Also feel free to call us at (412) 787-1800.

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