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Choosing Flowers For A Cremation Service

  • On January 24, 2022

When you have a loved one pass on, or if you want to support a friend through their own loss with a gift sent to the cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA, there are plenty of floral options to consider. Before you choose flowers at random, take some of these ideas to heart and consider the options with care.

Consider The Service Style

You are going to want to get flowers that match the service style and with cremation, the style can vary quite a bit. If the cremation service is going to be more formal and traditional, flowers like you would want to send to a funeral would work just fine. But if they are having a casual service, or even a celebration of life, you will want flowers that exude happiness and joy instead. Think about different colors or messages in those cases.

Look At Your Budget

Before you point out a flower arrangement that is high in cost and then balk at the bottom line later, set a budget for about what you want to spend. Larger arrangements are going to cost more and certain flowers, perhaps that are off-season, will as well. You might want to go in on a floral arrangement with some other friends or family members if you find something that is too high in cost. Otherwise, look at what you can afford and let the florist know you want to do something in that range.

Think About The Person’s Preferences

You are buying flowers for a specific person, whether you are getting something to honor a loved one or want to send flowers to a friend who is going through a hard time after a family death. Think about that person and what their preferences are. If you know they like roses, that’s always a good place to start. If they have a certain color they appreciate, try to incorporate that as well. You are trying to do something nice for them and that means thinking of their style and preferences.

Go With Certain Meanings

Flowers all have meanings behind them and you may not know what they are, but the florist will. If there’s a certain message you want to convey, let the florist know and they can let you in on floral meanings. Or, they can make suggestions and you can choose the right option from there.

Consider An Alternative Gift

Flowers are often a lovely gift for final services, but if you know the family will get a lot of them already, you might feel led to give them something else and that can be very nice as well. Consider sending a card with money in it so they can create a memorial donation fund for their loved one. You can also send gift cards to restaurants in the area to take care of the family while they are together.

If you need more flower or other gift ideas for cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care for suggestions.