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Choosing the Right Cemetery for Your Loved One

  • On February 13, 2023

Part of planning a funeral or pre-planning involves choosing the right cemetery. Any funeral home providing funeral and cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA can help you pick a cemetery, but you are the one going to make the final decision. So, you have to choose what type of burial and memorial you want because that will affect your choice of cemetery. Here is what you need to know about cemeteries.

There Are More Than One Type Of Cemetery

Cemeteries are not all the same not just in appearance but also in terms of rules. Some cemeteries feature religious statues while others only offer mausoleums as burial options. It’s also not unusual to find hiking facilities and children’s playgrounds in some cemeteries. You can also choose a cemetery overlooking a city or one far away from urban centers. Another difference is in the type of burial these cemeteries allow. You will discover that some cemeteries are open to natural or green burials without traditional caskets while other insist on burials with caskets and vaults.

Types Of Cemeteries

Religious cemeteries are owned by non-profit religious organizations such as a church, mosques, or synagogues. There are also municipal and district cemeteries that are either run by a city or county. Veterans are often buried in veterans’ or national cemeteries.

Factors To Consider While Looking For A Cemetery

First, form a general idea of what you would want from a cemetery. You may not have to do this if there is a cemetery that your family members have used in the past. But if you want something different or live far away from the old family cemetery, think about the location, prices, rules, and type of cemetery you want. You need to consider the high costs of burial plots, spots mausoleums, and so on. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, what cremation and ash scattering options the cemetery offers?

Consider A Location That You Can Easily Access Years From Now

You can either choose a spot near your current residence or somewhere closer to your hometown. If it’s near your hometown, family and friends will be able to visit the graveside frequently. You can also buy more burial plots in a cemetery closer to your hometown so that other family members can be buried there. You also need to pick a spot in the cemetery where you want to be buried. This could be under a tree, near a water feature, and so on.

What To Do When Choosing A Cemetery

You need a full price list of all the fees you need to pay the cemetery now and in the future. Cemeteries will provide this list if you ask for it but they are not legally required to do so. Any cemetery that is transparent about how it charges users is better than one that is not.

Fortunately, our funeral home professionals will not just help with funeral and cremation services in McKees, PA, but also help you find the right cemetery.