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Christian Funeral Services

  • On December 26, 2022

Religious funeral rites are included in most funeral and cremation services Canonsburg, PA. Christian religious services at funerals are often just referred to as traditional funeral services. Regular churchgoers and even people who rarely go to church often ask for Christian services for the funerals of their loved ones. But not all Christian funerals are the same because each Christian denomination has its own special traditional rituals. Here are some facts about Christian funeral services.


Christian Funeral Service Defined

Since there are different branches of Christianity, their services are not going to be exactly the same. But they all have wakes or viewings and also allow visitations. The Catholic Church is specifically known for its wakes which can happen at the funeral home or แทงบอลออนไลน์ at the home of the deceased. Wakes are non-formal events attended by religious leaders, family, and friends. There is food, prayers, scripture readings, and eulogies at a wake. The priest or religious leader lets the family and friends read different passages of the Bible and then briefly comments about the readings. A wake is an opportunity for family members to see the face of their loved ones and say their goodbyes.


Viewing Or Visitation

Other denominations of the Christian faith may refer to the wake as either a viewing or visitation. Just like a wake, the main purpose of visitation is for friends and family to visit the body. There may also be reading of scripture, eulogies, poems, and prayers. A wake, visitation, or viewing often occurs before the funeral.


Characteristics Of A Christian Funeral Service

A Christian funeral service has to take in a church. How the service is held is determined by the traditions of the specific Christian denomination. But most Christian funeral services have similarities. The first similarity is the presence of the casket or urn in the church during the funeral service. The casket is placed at the altar where every person can see it. The pastor or priest then greets the attendees and offers words of encouragement to the family. After a prayer, the pastor or priest may deliver a sermon, which is then followed by hymns.


Family And Friends Can Speak At A Funeral Service

The family and friends of the deceased are allowed to give speeches, read the eulogy, or say a few words about their dead loved one. But only the priest or pastor is allowed to deliver sermons in most denominations. The pastor ends the service after sharing benediction and offering words of comfort to the family. Usually, the closing words are often about how the family can continue being good Christians.


After The Funeral Service

After the funeral service, there is either a burial or a cremation ceremony. The priest or pastor will say a few words at the cremation or burial site as the people witness the casket getting lowered into the grave, or taken to cremation.

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