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Common Types Of Cremation

  • On November 14, 2022

When seeking cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA you will be presented with about three different options. That is a direct cremation, a cremation with gathering and service, and finally a cremation with service and viewing. The only similarity between these options is the cremation part. To have an easier time choosing a cremation package you must know what each package offers.

A Direct Cremation Is More Affordable

A direct cremation is simple because it does not include a formal funeral or other pre-funeral events. The body is collected, put in a simple container, and cremated. There is no viewing, visitation, or wake before the cremation meaning that most of the costs of a traditional funeral are avoided. After the cremation, the ashes are delivered to you in a simple plastic urn which you can replace if you wish. Completion of all necessary documents and social security notification also apply to this type of cremation.

Cremation With A Gathering And Service

With this option, you can have a gathering and a memorial service. But there is nobody to view, but people still gather to pay their respects. A memorial service with the framed portrait of the deceased on display can be held and different people can give speeches. Speeches can include poems, eulogies, scripture, and the telling of funny or inspiring stories. The funeral home can also help you with the DVD production, register books, thank you cards, prayer cards, and more for the memorial service.

Cremation With A Viewing And Memorial Service

With this option, the body must be embalmed and placed in a casket for the viewing to happen. A viewing also means that the body will need to be dressed and cosmeticized. You can have the memorial service at a church or funeral home depending on the funeral home you choose. The cremation happens after the viewing ceremony and then the ashes are presented to family members in a plastic urn or sometimes in a special carton box. You can always replace the urn with one of your choosing.

Why People Choose Cremation

Traditional funerals are more costly compared to cremation because there is embalmment, caskets, and buying land involved. Cremations with viewing and memorial service included are only slightly more affordable than traditional cremations. The most affordable cremation options include cremations with a memorial service and direct cremation. Another reason people choose cremation is that they are not religious or don’t like traditional funerals. They may have their loved one cremated and then hold a celebration of life service instead of the typical memorial or funeral service. Cremation also makes sense if you cannot afford to buy land for burial or for mobility reasons.

You need to find a funeral home that is staffed by professionals that have been organizing cremations for years. They must also offer more than one cremation package and other funeral packages. We not only have experienced professional staff but also inject that feminine touch into all the services we provide. Apart from offering cremation services in McKees, PA, we can also help you pre-plan a funeral and an elaborate celebration of life.