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Cremation Services Are Always Unique

  • On September 27, 2021

If you have considered having cremation services in Crafton, PA for a loved one, you might hesitate because the cremation process is always going to be the same for everyone. You want something unique for your loved one. While the whole cremation process is always going to be the same, what you do around the services is always going to be unique. Here are some things that make the process unique each and every time.

#1-Your Loved One

The first thing that makes every cremation process different is your loved one. Your loved one has never been through cremation before and no one who is your loved one has gone through it before, either. That makes the process completely unique because it’s for your loved one this time around. It revolves around your loved one, which has never happened before and will never happen again.

#2-The Urn

Urns are unique and special. You can customize them in certain ways as well, too. You will need a certain size and you might want a certain material. Those things along with the engraving you might put on it and the fact that your loved one is going inside. The cremation provider can also give you a simple container for your loved one’s remains, but you can even customize that by having them place a family photo, letter, or other items inside with your loved one’s remains.

#3-The Services

You don’t have to do anything for your loved one’s final services. But if you decide to do a memorial service, you can do anything you want. The services are going to be totally unique because they revolve around your loved one. You can choose the music they enjoy, have a family member do a reading, choose a fun location, or do anything else you want to do.

#4-The Resting Place

Resting places of any kind are unique. If you bury your loved one in the cemetery in an urn garden, no one else is buried in that exact location. If you scatter them, even if someone else scattered there in the past, it’s still a different experience. And if you keep your loved one in your home, that’s completely unique as well.

There are tons of things about cremation that make it all-around unique, even though the process is becoming more and more popular over the decades. It is used in about half of the cases today, and experts say that’s going to rise to as much as 80 percent in the future. But just because cremation services in Crafton, PA are more popular and more widely used doesn’t mean they won’t be unique for your loved one’s services. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are here to help you with the process all the way through. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit—and that means making it completely unique and personalized to your family’s style and your loved one’s personality traits.