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Details On Cremation Vaults

  • On March 22, 2021

If you decide to go with cremation services in Crafton, PA for a loved one who has passed away, you have a lot of options when it comes to a final resting place. Once you have a burial plot in a cemetery, you will possibly want to have a headstone or another marker to show where your loved one is located. You will also want to consult with the cemetery about a cremation vault. This is something that the urn will be placed into before burial.

What Is A Vault For The Urn?

A cremation vault is something sturdy that sits around the urn in the ground. It’s a receptacle that protects the urn and the integrity of the ground. It can be made from metal, fiberglass, plastic, or even stone. It is usually lined and then sealed shut once the urn is inside. It’s stronger and lasts longer than the urn does. That way, the ground won’t sink in where your loved one is buried. Plus, if for some reason you want to move them to another location in the future, the vault makes it easier to do so.

Why Are They Often Required?

Burial vaults are common for caskets, but they are just as common for cremated remains in an urn. Most urns aren’t strong enough to withstand the pressure of the earth around them and the various weather conditions. The vault will prevent the urn from crumbling and deteriorating over time. The person’s remains are safe and the ground around the urn is also maintained well.

What Are The Costs Involved?

Vaults don’t have to cost that much, but there are variables to think about. The material and craftsmanship will help to determine the costs. You can shop around to see what fits the urn you have for your loved one and what will also fit into your budget.

Where Can You Find Vaults?

If you need to purchase a cremation vault for your loved one, you can talk to the funeral home about your options. They have what you need and it’s easy enough to buy everything from them, so you don’t have to worry about looking elsewhere. That being said, you can also get your urn vault from any vendor you choose. The cemetery can also direct you as to where you might want to go to get what you are looking for.

If you want to have cremation services in Crafton, PA for a loved one and you would like to bury them in a cemetery, you might need an urn vault. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care can help you find a cemetery and a plot and talk to you about everything you need to line up for the process. We’re here to help and we appreciate what you are going through. Our compassion is here for you every step of the way. We know this isn’t easy, but we will support you through it every step of the way to get what you need to honor your loved one.

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