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Do You Want A Visitation Pre-Cremation Services?

  • On October 17, 2022

When you have a funeral service for someone who has passed on, it’s traditional to have a visitation service prior to the funeral. Then, after the funeral, there’s a burial service and often a reception. That doesn’t have to be the case with a cremation service in Canonsburg, PA. You can have direct cremation and that’s it or you can add things to that service. The most popular thing to add is a memorial service after the cremation, but some people like the idea of a visitation before cremation. Is that something you want for your loved one? Here are a few reasons you might feel that’s a good move.

It Could Help Family Process The Loss

One day your loved one is there and the next day they have been cremated and reside in ash form within an urn. That can feel very abrupt to your family and they may not feel as if they had a chance to process the death in a manner that works for them. Having a visitation service allows a little more space between the two and might be something your family appreciates as they gather and grieve together.

Offer The Opportunity For Closure

Visitation services are very handy because everyone actually sees the person who died in their casket. This can be a great opportunity for gaining closure. It’s obvious when you see the person in that state that they are gone and are not coming back. That could give people closure that they wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise.

Say Those Goodbyes

It can be important to say those goodbyes and while you can always say that in your heart, during a service, during an ash scattering, and at other times, there are some people that feel the most okay about it if they are able to say goodbye directly to the person who passed. Speaking the final worse to that person at a visitation can help to give them a sense of peace.

Gain Support

Visitation services are open houses where people come and go as they want to and can. But the immediate family may be there for the entire open house and they can gain support through the people who attend as well as through each other. They understand they aren’t alone in this and that can help in moving forward. You provide your loved ones with peace of mind knowing that your funeral or cremation arrangements are taken care of.

It can be hard to figure out what you want to do for a loved one who has passed away. If you know you want a cremation service in Canonsburg, PA, making that decision is a good first step. After that, you have to decide what you want to do around that service if anything. There’s no timeline on some decisions. You can have a memorial whenever you want and decide on a resting place whenever you want. But there is a timeframe attached to visitation so you will have to make that decision earlier than the rest. It’s not right for every situation but might feel like a good move for you.