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Does Your Religion Okay Cremation?

  • On May 3, 2021

Before you solidify any kind of cremation plan with funeral homes in Crafton, PA, you may want to look into whether or not your religion is okay with cremation. Cremation has been around for thousands of years and more and more people are okay with this option. Most major religions are also good with it and some even promote it. However, if you want to adhere to the rules within your religion, it’s best that you check and see what your religion thinks about cremation. Here are a few ways to find out the answers you need before you plan your own services ahead of time, or plan things out for a family member.

Look Online For Answers

One of the first places most people go for answers today is online. You can look up details about your religion online and just search for the answers you need to know. As long as you look at reputable websites, you may very well be able to find out what you need to know about the process and what your faith thinks about it.

Talk To Family Members In The Faith

If you have other family members that are a part of the faith, perhaps one of them is even more into the rules than you are. They might sit on a certain committee or something and they may know more with more certainty than you do. Talk to them and see what they know about your faith and its stance on cremation.

Ask Someone At Your Place Of Worship

Call or visit your place of worship and see if you can talk to someone who might know what the regulations are in the area of final resting places, methods, and other such things. While not everyone who works at the church is a specialist in that area, there might be someone around who knows what you need to know.

Talk To A Religious Leader

When in doubt about any sources, you can always contact a religious leader in your faith. It is their job to know everything there is to know about the faith and where it stands on lots of things, including cremation. You can take their word for it and go whatever direction they tell you to go.

If you are considering cremations services for yourself, or a loved one, funeral homes in Crafton, PA can certainly help you out. At Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care, we know a lot about different faiths, as well, and we often know what they prefer. But we want you to be sure about the choices you are making and that might mean contacting your church or religious leader and finding out for certain what the stance is on cremation. That way, you can move forward with comfort. We can certainly help with cremation as well as any funeral service you might want to organize. We’re here to help you in any way possible with support and compassion the whole way through.

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