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Eco-Friendly Or Green Burials And Cremations

  • On December 12, 2022

Climate change awareness is affecting how every industry does business including funeral homes that offer cremation services McKees, PA. More people are inquiring about eco-friendly burials and cremations. If you are pre-planning your burial or cremation, or your deceased loved one asked for a green burial, here are some options you should consider.


Burials Without Traditional Caskets

Before you settle on burial without a casket as an option, you need to research your state’s burial laws. In most cases, these types of burials are illegal but that doesn’t mean there are no acceptable alternatives for burials without caskets. For example, consider natural burials where instead of using a traditional casket, you choose a casket made from bio-degradable material.


Green Burial Service

A green burial can look like a traditional burial just not with conventional caskets. Some casket options include a six-point bamboo casket, wood caskets, burial shrouds, and cardboard caskets. A six-point bamboo casket is made from bamboo just like its name suggests. Its features include an unbleached cotton interior and pillow with an engraving of your liking on the lid or any part of the casket. Wood caskets are also a great option if the wood is untreated with chemicals and it has no non-biodegradable parts. A cardboard casket is also an excellent option for burial and cremation, and it’s also the cheapest alternative. But just because a casket is “green” doesn’t mean that it’s going to be cheaper than traditional caskets.


Preparation Of The Body For A Green Burial

Just using a bio-degradable coffin is not enough for a burial to be considered “green”. The body has been prepared for burial without using toxic embalming chemicals. Instead, the body should be prepared for burial using cooling blankets, dry ice, Techni-Ice, air conditioning, fans, and other methods that slow down decomposition. The body should also be buried 3-4 feet for it to decompose quickly enough to form fertile soil that can be good for the environment. There are more precautions that need to be taken to ensure that a burial is actually green and does not endanger the environment.


Green Cremations

There are no flames used in most green cremations. Bio cremation is a type of green cremation that uses a technique called alkaline hydrolysis. It is also called aquamation or resomation because the body is placed in a fluid consisting of water and potassium hydroxide. The fluid is heated until the body is dissolved and only sterile liquid and bone pieces remain. It takes about the same time to break down the body as cremation.


Other Tips For Eco-Friendly Cremations Or Burials

If you are preplanning your funeral, choose casket containers made of non-toxic materials. Bio-degradable urns also exist if you are thinking of a cremation. You can also choose a crematorium that uses an energy-efficient furnace that reduces pollutants.

If you are looking for cremation services McKees, PA, you can ask us about eco-friendly cremations and burials. We offer traditional funerals, cremations, and elaborate life celebrations.