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Final Service Options After Cremation

  • On May 16, 2022

When you choose cremation services in McMurray, PA for a loved one who has passed on, you can do any number of things for them in their honor once that process is complete. One of the things people like about cremation is the versatility in the options. They also appreciate the lack of timeline in the memorial process. You can have something soon after the cremation is complete or you can have something in the future. Here are some of the service options that others find comforting to give their loved one a final send-off.

A Memorial Service

The cremation memorial service is the most popular type of service, and it can be anything you want it to be. You might have something that is somber and feels more like a funeral or you can go with something more casual where family meets for a meal and shares stories and memories. You get to decide the tone and the activities that take place within the event. You can choose a venue to match the mood you want for the process and match everything up in that way.

A Life Celebration

Life celebrations are light-hearted and more celebratory in nature. These events include music, food, and laughter. You will go over the good times you had with your loved one and instead of being sad over the loss of that special person, you are going to celebrate the life they had. You will still mourn and go through the grieving process, but celebrating their life might be important to you as well.

A Scattering Ceremony

When you think about your loved one and what they would want, perhaps you feel like something on the small, simple side is better for their personality. You want to honor their wishes, if you have a guess as to what they might have been. Once the cremation process is complete, you don’t have to have a larger memorial. Instead, if you are going to scatter their ashes, you can simply have a ceremony for close family and friends at the scattering location. You can say a few words, share a few memories, and distribute them into their final resting place.

A Dedication Service

If you are going to have a permanent memorial for your loved one, you may have a dedication service for your loved one. This can work if you plant a tree, place a plaque, or do something else of that nature. These services can also be short and include a few words about the person and the thing you are dedicating to them.

Once you have cremation services in McMurray, PA done for a loved one, you have time on your side to plan whatever else you want to do for them. You can have one or several of the above services or something else completely. You are able to arrange things however you want with the cremation option and the professionals will help you with ideas and options that might fit based on what they know about your family.