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Free Or Affordable Pre-Planning Resources

  • On January 23, 2023

Pre-planning a funeral means that you are going to have to talk to companies providing funeral and cremation services in McMurray, PA. You are going to need cost estimates for various funeral packages and advice on funeral schedules from the funeral directors. The great advantage of planning now is that you get everything at today’s prices so you know how much you are going to spend. Here are some free and affordable pre-planning resources you can use.

Get A Simple Checklist For Pre-Planning

Before you start your planning, you need to know everything about a funeral. You get this with Death With Dignity, which is an online resource that advocates for death with dignity. They have a checklist for end-of-life planning and a checklist for body disposition. Everything on the checklist is explained so that you can make an informed decision. You don’t have to pay to use these resources. There are other similar resources with extra features that charge you a fee to use their tools.

Step By Step Planning Tool

The whole pre-planning process can seem too complex for most people. But the Planningmyway.org online resource breaks down the entire process stages such as thinking, choosing, talking, and documenting. All these stages are meant to help you start your pre-planning process at any time, not just when you really need to. But the website targets mostly older people and may be less useful to younger populations.

Physical Pre-planning Tool

Not everyone is excited about using online tools or even computers to do their planning. There are many affordable physical end-of-life planners that you can use instead. It is basically a book that you can write on. These planners are divided into sections for writing your basic information, financial information, funeral wishes, essential documents, and more. The book cover comes in a variety of colors. It’s important you remember that these physical planners are not legal documents that can replace documents such as a Will.

Largest Pre-Planning Platform

The “largest” pre-planning website, Joincake.com, was created by Harvard graduates who wanted to create an easy-to-use pre-planning platform. You can get advice on creating documents such as Wills or on how to deal with situations where you have aging parents and so on. The website helps everyone including people who are just curious but is largely geared toward younger people who are not in a hurry to plan their own funerals.

Why Pre-Planning May Be What You Need

Funerals are expensive and often strain the finances of the family and friends of the deceased person. Planning your own funeral can relieve your family from having to handle all the details of the funeral on their own. You can buy a casket, burial ground, and even the clothes you want to be buried in months, years, or decades before your funeral. But pre-planning is also about letting your family know the personal touches you want in your funeral.

You don’t have to pre-plan on your own. We not only provide cremation services in Canonsburg, PA but also provide the right resources you need to plan your own funeral.