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Locating a Superior Funeral Home and Cremations in McKees, PA




Pittsburgh Cremation and Funeral Care is proud to be Pittsburgh first to offer our families a Worry-Free Cremation Process™. At our onsite crematory, The Care Center, families are welcome at any time. We offer a range of services from simple cremation, traditional funerals, to elaborate life celebrations. Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care is here for you and your family’s needs. We serve families in these locations: PittsburghMcKeesMcMurray, and Canonsburg, PA.

Supporting you and your loved ones comes naturally to us, so we make this process as easy as possible for you during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact us by phone (412-787-1800 & 724-260-5546) or email (care@pittsburghcremation.com) as we are always available 24 hours a day to those who are in need.

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After a loved one passes on, it can be a struggle for families to know who to call on for support. Every family has their own unique way of doing things, so finding a funeral home and cremations provider in McKees, PA that can meet their exact needs may feel difficult to do. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to quickly identify a funeral care team that will serve your family well.


Choosing a Funeral Home

As a family, how do you decide who to call on for support? The task of laying your deceased loved one to rest is monumentally important so you should choose a care provider that meets the needs of your family and the fallen. In all our years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a funeral firm a great choice for a family. Here are several things to consider as you begin reviewing funeral home options in the community:

Experience: It may seem like an obvious point of evaluation, but it’s surprising how often it can be overlooked. A funeral home and cremations provider in McKees, PA may be well marketed to their community and even be adequately competent in funeral care, but without experience, they have not yet fully developed as a provider. For many people, this is not a problem. The quality of care will be adequate for their needs. However, if your family has special requests about family culture, faith traditions, service style, etc. you may find an inexperienced firm not able to handle your requests in an expert manner.

Services: Not all funeral homes can provide families with every service. As you are evaluating local funeral firms, find out what services they offer. Most every firm will be able to provide viewings and religious services, as well as cemetery casket burials. But not everyone is equipped with their own on-site crematorium for in house cremation care. When this service is requested, they will outsource care to another provider. That means added cost and transport of your deceased loved one to a third-party location. For those who just want Cremation, consider a firm that specializes in this kind of after care.

Prices: Federal law requires that all funeral homes publish a general price list for services they offer in the public marketplace. You can request to see this pricing, and they will provide it to you for review. This is a quick means of discerning who can provide the care you want, at a price you’re comfortable paying.

Personalization of Services: Textbook funerals that are based on a manner of tradition or ceremony can be very impersonal affairs. When this happens, it can do more harm than good for those friends and family members who attend the service. In their grief, they seek connection. The relationship they shared with the deceased was personal for all who are present. If the services are not personalized to make the funeral about the fallen individual, people will come away feeling empty and confused by the experience. Make sure the firm you choose to hire makes personalized funeral service care a priority.

Funeral and Cremation Products: It is convenient for families to purchase the merchandise for the occasion directly from the funeral care provider. If you can, take a moment to review the inventory that a funeral home can provide to you. You are not required to buy anything from the funeral home, but it is helpful if their products are of interest and well-priced.

Compatibility of Care: The manner of care, personality, and communication style of every funeral director are different from another. When you are talking to them about their service offering, take note of your compatibility. Do they communicate well with you? Are they listening as you are speaking? Are they caring and interested in your situation? Do you feel like you would be able to work with this person? If not, save yourself some trouble and find a provider you feel comfortable working with.


Preferred Funeral Home and Cremations Care in McKees, PA

At Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care, our dedicated team of funeral care professionals is among the most experienced in the area. As Pittsburgh’s #1 Cremation Provider, we put the families we serve first. We know that every family will have unique needs when it comes to their loved one’s final farewell.

Whether your family is in McKees or Greentree, PA, or any of the surrounding areas, our team of compassionate funeral providers is here in your time of need. It’s a great privilege to serve the people of our community as a preferred funeral home and cremations care provider in McKees, PA. Visit Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care at 5405 Steubenville Pike Pittsburgh, PA 15136. For immediate care or a simple call for additional information, call us at (412) 787-1800 to learn more about how we can support your family.



Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • Is cremation expensive?
    • Cremation is the most affordable final disposition market today. It’s been around for thousands of years, but it’s more accepted and more utilized today. The most inexpensive option within cremation is direct cremation, which means the person goes to cremation quickly without services beforehand. But you can add whatever you want to the cremation process if you can afford it and want extra services. Click here to know more about our cremation service.
  • Are caskets necessary?
    • No. You do not have to purchase a casket if you want to be cremated, or you decide on that for a loved one. Cremation turns the body into ashes, which are generally placed inside an urn instead. The lack of casket is one of the things that make cremation a more cost-effective process. Caskets can be costly and not buying one saves you a lot. Contact us to learn more. 
  • Why is pre-payment an advantage?
    • Keep in mind that you are saving money in the end because you get to pay today’s prices and you will get the final services you plan in the future, no matter what things cost then. Learn more about pre-planning here.