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Funeral Home Thank You Card Recommendations

  • On January 18, 2021

After you have services for a loved one at funeral homes in Coraopolis, PA, you may need some time to mourn on your own, but once the initial grieving passes, you will want to thank the people who helped you through the planning and implementation process. There will be people in your life who come out of the woodwork and do all sorts of things for you and you want to make sure they know you recognize their thoughtfulness. Grab a batch of thank you cards to write notes to everyone who deserves the thanks. Here are some ideas that funeral homes find helpful in finding the right cards.

Find A Picture That Relates To Your Loved One

You might want to find thank you cards that go along with something your loved one liked in their lifetime. If they were always fascinated with daisies, find cards that have that flower on the front. If they were always reading, perhaps something with books on it makes sense. You can even have cards printed up if you’d like, with a certain saying or even a picture on it.

Keep Interior Words Simple

You want to have room to write something personal inside so it’s best if the card doesn’t have too much writing printed on the inside. It might just say thank you and that’s it, leaving plenty of room for you to write what you want. You could also get blank cards that say nothing at all inside, so you are able to write whatever you need to say without anything in the way.

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Remember Pricing

While thank you cards aren’t generally pricey, depending on what you end up buying, you want to keep in mind how much you have already spent and how much more you can afford for this final step in the process. You can buy a bulk of cards to make it easier and cheaper for you. Also, keep a list of those who need to be thanked. You don’t have to thank everyone who attended the service, which will drive up the costs of postage and cards. But you do want to thank those who did something special for you, like delivered a meal, helped with the reception, send flowers or a gift, and so on.

There are other parameters you might want to think about when you are working on thank you cards after services at funeral homes in Coraopolis, PA. If you need suggestions on where to get cards, what all to say, or who all to send them to, the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are here to help. Give us a call whenever you need us, even if your loved one’s services are behind you. We’re here to help with the services, but we’re also here for you for questions and resources later on as you continue your path of healing. We want you to know that you are important to us, whether you need services right not or not.

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