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Helping Someone Far Away Grieve

  • On December 13, 2021

It’s hard to be far away from the people you care about, but life takes people in different directions and even if you are far away from a certain friend, you might still keep in touch and care deeply about one another. When you hear that your friend has lost a loved one and is having cremation services in McKees, PA for them, you want more than anything else to be there for them. You may be able to pop into town for the memorial service, which can mean a lot, but you can’t stay for the duration of their grieving process. Or, if you can’t make the service at all, you can still help them as much as possible from afar. Here are some things you can do.

Send Sympathy Cards And Letters Later, Too

Cards and letters that come in the actual mail are more special now because they are much more rare. When you take the time to send a card to someone to tell them you are thinking of them, it really means something, especially when they are grieving. Send that sympathy card and let them know you are sorry for their loss, but don’t stop there. Make it a point to send other cards or letters in the weeks that follow to remind your friend you are thinking of them. That can mean even more than the initial condolences.

Send A Care Package

You know your friend well and you know the types of things they enjoy. You might want to put together a care package that will make them smile and remind them that you are there, even from afar, thinking of them. You can include the shampoo they always used in college, some bubble bath in a scent they like to help them relax, a book by their favorite author, some snacks, and a myriad of other things. Anything you do should be personal and will help to remind them how much you care.

Call To Check In

Phone calls, in this day and age of texting, can also mean a lot. And while there’s nothing wrong with a text to check in on a friend, you might want to call and hear their voice on occasion as well. When you call them, ask how they are doing and let them lead the conversation from there. There might be times where they want to talk about their loved one and their emotions and there may be other times when they just want to chat about other things and get a break from their grief with you.

Visit Virtually

Since you are far away, you can’t pop in for coffee whenever you want, but perhaps you got to see your friend at the cremation services in McKees, PA they had for their loved one and now that you are back at home, you can check in on them virtually with video calls. Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care has plenty of other ideas for caring for a grieving friend from afar.