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How A Body Is Prepared For Cremation

  • On December 26, 2022

Funeral homes prepare bodies before cremation as part of their cremation services McMurray, PA. Cremation involves using high temperatures to return a body to its natural state. Body preparation is done so that the cremation process is done right. Funeral directors want you to receive the ashen remains of your loved one safely. Here are ways the body of the deceased is prepared for cremation.


Identification Of The Body And Obtaining Of Proper Authorization

The funeral home or cremation facility has to verify the deceased person’s identity. They then make sure that they have the necessary authorization to handle the cremation. You have to complete paperwork that gives the crematory permission to take care of the cremation. A family member may be called to identify the body and then a heat-resistant tag will be placed on the deceased’s body.


Preparing The Body For Cremation

There is no need for embalming the body unless there is going to be a viewing before the body is cremated. If there is no viewing, the body will be cleaned and dressed and then family members will be asked to come and identify their loved one. Items such as jewelry will be removed so that they do not get damaged. Medical devices in the body such as a pacemaker, prosthetics, and other mechanical or battery-powered devices are removed from the body so that they do not explode during cremation. Other hard-to-remove items such as pins, staples, and plates are left in the body, but after the cremation, a magnet is used to pick these items so that they are removed from the remains.


Silver Or Gold Teeth Removal

Most of the time silver teeth are often not removed because they either break down completely or melt into the bone. Gold teeth have a lower melting point and are often mixed with an alloy which makes the gold completely vaporize. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense financially to remove the silver or gold teeth, but the family of the deceased can ask the crematorium to remove them.


Cremation Happens Once The Body Is Ready

After the family signs, the authorization documentation such as the cremation permit, the body is placed in a suitable container for cremation. The container can be a cremation casket that is made of solid wood or a cardboard box designed to hold human remains. The body is then placed inside the cremation chamber and the chamber is heated up. Cremation often takes about 2 hours after which a crematory operator removes the cremated remains and cools them for an hour. A machine will be used to process the cremains so that they can be placed in an urn and sent to the family of the deceased.


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