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How Does The Cremation Process Work?

  • On April 19, 2022

You may know that cremation services in McMurray, PA are more popular today than ever before. But that doesn’t mean you know that much about how they work—and you aren’t alone. One of the reasons cremation has gained popularity in recent years is because more people understand it and appreciate it. Once you know how cremation works, you might be more apt to appreciate it as well. Here are some of the details that occur within the cremation process.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The crematory will get authorization for cremation from the family through signed consent forms, a death certificate, and other important paperwork.
  2. The body is prepared for cremation by removing metal devices and dressing in an outfit of the family’s choice.
  3. The cremation process takes place by heating the body until it takes on a new form.
  4. Remains are gathered, processed, and returned to you in a simple container or urn of your choice after the cremation process is complete.



The Crematory Will Get Authorization For Cremation

The first thing that has to happen once the person who died is transported to the facility is the crematory has to get authorization for the cremation. The family will have to sign cremation consent forms to indicate cremation is the direction they want to take. There will also have to be a death certificate and other important paperwork involved. The crematory might also need a permit and other things in place to move forward. The proper authorization is a process, but it’s important to understand it’s in place for a reason and those processes are a relief to the family. They show that the crematory knows what it’s doing.

Your Loved One Will Be Properly Identified

One of the things that people worry about around cremation is the idea that their loved one’s remains could get mixed up with someone else, but that’s not possible. There are processes in place to identify your loved one at several stages of the process. That identification and the processes that are in place, make it a sure thing that the ashes you receive back are your loved ones and no one else. The identification process is airtight and has a good history behind it of working well.

The Body Is Prepared For Cremation

Once the paperwork is ready, and the person is identified, their body is prepared for cremation. If they have any metal devices, those will be removed. They can be dressed in an outfit of your choice as well and placed in the crematory for the cremation process.

The Cremation Process Takes Place

The crematory is going to be heated up to a high degree. No flames come into contact with your loved one. Their body isn’t ‘burned’ but rather heated until it takes on a new form. Bones left behind are pulverized into the ash-like form that you receive in the simple container or urn of your choice.

Remains Are Gathered, Processed, And Returned To You

After the cremation process is complete, the crematory is left to cool and the remains are then gathered up and placed in the simple container or urn you have chosen. You get the remains back and you can then do whatever you would like by way of memorial service or final resting place.

When you are considering cremation services in McMurray, PA, it’s wise to understand how it works and the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are here to answer any questions you have.