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How to Explain Cremation and Memorial Services to the Young Ones

  • On July 10, 2023

When a family member passes away, it’s crucial to help the young ones understand and cope with the loss. For families considering cremation services McKees, PA, explaining cremation and memorial services to children might feel challenging. However, with sensitivity and openness, it’s possible to convey the information in a way that is respectful and comforting to young minds.


Understanding Their Perspective: The World Through Young Eyes

Before explaining cremation and memorial services, it’s essential to understand how children perceive death. Their understanding varies depending on their age and development. Younger children may not grasp the permanence of death, while older children may have more questions about what happens after someone passes away. Being aware of their developmental stage can guide the conversation.


Using Simple Language: Clarity in Communication

When explaining cremation, use simple and clear language. Avoid euphemisms, as these can confuse children. Explain that when someone dies, their body doesn’t work anymore, and cremation is a way of saying goodbye. You can say that the body is gently placed in a special room where it turns into very small pieces, much like the soil in the garden.


Focusing on the Celebration of Life: Honoring Memories

Explain that a memorial service is a time when family and friends gather to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. Share that it’s a time to remember all the happy memories and the love that will always remain. Encourage them to think of stories or things they might want to say or draw to honor the memory of the loved one.


Addressing Emotions: It’s Okay to Feel

Children need to know that it’s normal to have feelings of sadness, confusion, or even anger. Encourage them to express their emotions openly. Explain that crying is okay and that it’s a natural way of expressing sadness. Assure them that they are surrounded by family who loves them and that they can talk about their feelings anytime.


Answering Questions: Encouraging Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, and they might have questions about cremation and memorial services. Be open to answering their questions honestly but sensitively. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s okay to say, “I don’t know.” It’s important that they feel safe in their curiosity.


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Including Them in the Memorial Service: A Part of the Family

If appropriate and with their agreement, include children in the memorial service. This can help them in the grieving process. They could draw a picture, write a letter, or be involved in another meaningful way. By being a part of the service, they can feel more connected to the loved one they are saying goodbye to.

In conclusion, explaining cremation and memorial services to children requires sensitivity, honesty, and openness. It is an opportunity not only to help them understand death but also to teach them about the value of celebrating life and the importance of family bonds. For families in cremation services McKees, PA seeking support and cremation services, we invite you to know more about our service in Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care, where we extend our support to every family member, regardless of age, during times of loss.