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How To Explain Cremation To A 7-Year-Old

  • On November 7, 2022

It is one thing to help a child understand what death is and another to explain what cremation is all about. Since there is probably not going to be a viewing, discuss cremation with your child when you call a funeral home for cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA. A 7-year-old child may already understand the concept of death, but talking to them about death will make it easier to discuss cremation.

How To Talk About Death And Cremation

Instead of using complex terms to explain the concept of death to your child, let the child lead the conversation. Your child’s questions will help you give the child appropriate answers about death. One way to do it is to explain that death is when the soul lives in the body, which means the body no longer experiences pain. You can use soul and spirit interchangeably. You can also use the idea of an insect’s metamorphosis to explain that the dead loved one has transitioned to another better, much happier form.

Explain Cremation After The Child Understands Death

With your child still leading the conversation, describe cremation in the simplest way possible without making the child afraid. Words such as “hot”, “fire” or “flames” can only alarm the child and make them sadder than they already were. Instead, explain that cremation involves putting the body in a warm place that peacefully turns the body into ashes. You can also explain to them that their dead loved one wanted to be cremated because their soul already left their body.

Do Not Go Into Detail

Let your child’s imagination fill in the blanks in your explanations about death and cremation. Going into details about death can only alarm the child. But feel free to explain why people choose cremation instead of burial. For instance, you can explain why cremation is better for the environment. If the child was brought up in a religion, do not alarm them with religious ideas that they may not understand.

How To Explain Cremains

Since you will receive the ashes in an urn, you may have to explain to the child how their loved one’s cremains fit in such a small container. You may say that the body shrinks after the cremation and that the ashes in the urn are a reminder of your loved one. If you see the child is still confused, you can tell them to ask any question they may have. Be honest about death so that the child can grasp its meaning early in life. Respect the child’s questions and feelings when you engage with them. ou provide your loved ones with peace of mind knowing that your funeral or cremation arrangements are taken care of.

Comforting words and a listening ear are what a grieving child needs most of the time. You can also tell the child what to expect after the death of a loved one. For example, you can tell the child that you may have to move to a new home or change schools, and so on. We can provide you with more resources about how to help grieving children when you call us for cremation services in McKees, PA.