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Important Funeral Home Pre-Planning Details

  • On January 13, 2020

There are no specific right or wrong ways to pre-plan your final services with funeral homes in McKees, PA. But since this is a task that you will only go through once, it’s important to get things right. You will want to know as much about the process as you can so you can ensure that things go the right way for your family once you have passed on. Here are some of the important details that go into pre-planning your services.


While you have the option to pre-pay or not to pre-pay, you will want to think of finances and the costs of your services either way. If you decide to go ahead and pay for things yourself, you will want to think about what you can afford to spend. Keep in mind that you are saving money in the end because you get to pay today’s prices and you will get the final services you plan in the future, no matter what things cost then. If you are not going to pre-pay, that’s okay too. But you will want to think about what your family will be able to afford to pay. Perhaps get a price and then start to save towards it so you can leave that money to your family for that purpose in the future.

What You Want

When you pre-plan your own final services, it’s your chance to have the final say on everything that occurs. You get to decide what your final disposition method is, what your final resting place is, what your services will be like and so on. You can plan as much as you want, and you know that your loved ones will want to honor your wishes. Once the plans are in place, all they have to do is contact the funeral home when you pass on and you get what you wanted for your final services.

What Family Needs

While your final services revolve around you, you will also want to think about your family members and what they need. These services are as much about them as they are for you. You want to make sure they get what they need from the services by way of closure, a chance to say goodbye and so on so they can grieve in a healthy manner and move on into a new sense of normal.

It’s hard to plan your own final services, but professionals at local funeral homes in McKees, PA can help you with every aspect of the process. Contact Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care at (412) 787-1800 and we can help you figure out what direction you want to take. We’ll keep a copy of the plans and give you a copy too so you can keep it safe, share it with your family, or put it into hands that you trust. You’re welcome to visit with us in person at 5405 Steubenville Pike Pittsburgh, PA 15136 and take a tour of our facilities so you can see how everything will look in the future.

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