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Including Family With Cremation Services

  • On July 12, 2021

When you lose a family member, you might feel that cremation services in Canonsburg, PA are the best move. Even if you were the person who was closest to them, you have other family members who are going to want to grieve with you and possibly even help with the planning process. Here are some ways you can include your family in the planning process, and beyond.

Have Someone Write The Obituary

You are going to have a lot of things to do, but you don’t have to do everything yourself with family there to support you. Think about having someone else close to your loved one write up the obituary. You can gather the information you want in that announcement, or let them get everything together on their own. There are standard things that most obituaries hold so it’s easy enough for someone who is not quite as close to the situation to get that drawn out for you. You can change whatever you want once they have the basics ready.

Let Someone Arrange The Reception

If you are having a cremation service that is going to have a reception afterward, let someone else take care of that. It could be another family member, a friend, or even a community group. It’s nice to let someone else take that part on and they will feel involved with the process and supporting you at the same time.

Ask For Input

Even if you are keeping things simple and don’t have a lot of things that need to get done, you can ask your family for input so you are able to include them as best you can. If you want to have music as a part of the service, ask other family members what they might appreciate hearing in relation to your loved one. Ask what dress code they think your loved one would like and so on. Having opinions and listening with care can help you figure out what is best for your loved one and it can also help you include them.

Let Go And Let Them

You might feel like you want to do everything yourself, but you don’t have to. In fact, you shouldn’t. You need time to rest, to grieve, and to be with family. If someone offers to do something for part of the service, there’s nothing wrong with letting go and just letting them take that part on. Be thankful and appreciative for whatever they are able to do for you and your family.

When you are organizing cremation services in Canonsburg, PA, there are lots of things you might want to get done, but your family can help. You can ensure that your loved one gets their needs met, and then ask family for opinions on services, allow them to take pieces, and let go of certain tasks. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care encourage you to make decisions and then let us implement them so you can spend more time with your family.