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Making The Most Of A Visitation At The Funeral Home

  • On November 23, 2020

When someone you know loses a loved one, you want to support them in any way you can. It’s possible that they will have a visitation service at a funeral home in Canonsburg, PA. Perhaps you will be invited to both that and the funeral or maybe just the visitation. Either way, if you plan to attend the visitation, here are some ways to make the most of that service.

Pass Condolences To The Family

The visitation is a good way to say goodbye to the person who passed on and to hand over your condolences to the family. Whether you are going to attend the funeral or not, the visitation is a good chance to see the family. In fact, you might see more of them at a visitation than you would at a funeral. When you get a chance to speak to them, keep in mind that they have likely talked to a lot of people and they are probably emotional. Pass your condolences on and move on so they don’t feel like they have to make small talk with you.

Bring A Gift

There is usually a basket for cards or an area where you can place gifts for the family at the visitation. You don’t have to give it directly to them. That’s another thing for them to worry about. Just place it on the table where there’s a basket for cards and other things or hand it off to a funeral home professional and they will make sure the family gets it. It’s sometimes easier to bring your card, money, or whatever else to the visitation instead of the funeral. If you aren’t attending the funeral, that’s all the more reason to bring the gift to the funeral home.

Say Goodbye

If you knew the person who passed away, you might want to approach the casket, view them, and say your final goodbyes. Even if you didn’t know them very well, it’s nice to walk by the casket, look at memorial items that the family might have around, and spend time honoring their life. If you did know them, though, this is a good time to get the closure and peace you need over the situation.

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There are lots of other things you can do with visitations if you visit the funeral homes in Canonsburg, PA and if you need tips, contact the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care. We’re here to help families with their final service plans from start to finish. But if you are trying to support the family by attending the visitation or funeral, we’re here to help you through that process as well. If you have questions, need ideas, or want recommendations, we’re here for you. We also have grief resources so if you know someone who might want to join a grief support group, need a counselor, or need something else, we’re here to help you however we can.

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