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Mistakes People Make With Death And Funerals

  • On January 9, 2023

People are often ignorant about death and funerals until they go to a funeral home for funeral and cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA. Lack of education about funerals and death can lead to you making several rookie mistakes when you have to deal with these situations. Here are some mistakes that people make when it comes to death and funerals.

Not Planning Their Own Funerals

Pre-planning is not just about you making your wishes known but also about your loved ones. When you plan your funeral, your family and friends won’t have to worry about the financial aspect of your funeral. They won’t have to wonder whether you would have liked a traditional or modern funeral, or whether they should cremate or bury you. It will all be stated clearly in your pre-made funeral plan. Even if they have to spend some money, it will not be as much as it would have been had there been no pre-planning.

Dismissing The Importance Of A Death Doula

A death doula or soul midwife provides spiritual, emotional, and physical support to the dying person and their family. Your death doula can talk with you about death and help you make the necessary plans for your death. They provide a listening ear and can ensure that your wishes are carried out after you die. After your death, they help your surviving family members to process their grief and help with any logistical issues. Since they are not emotionally affected by the death, they are more capable of helping grieving families handle all of their funeral arrangement duties.

Skipping Funeral Services For One Reason Or Other

It is understandable that financial constraints can force anyone to choose direct cremation instead of other funeral options. The issue is that a direct cremation only tends to the needs of the dead person, not those of the people who mourn that person’s death. A memorial service allows close family members and friends to mourn, memorialize, and remember their deceased loved one together. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate funeral service with all the bells and whistles of a traditional funeral. It can be a simple memorial service where people celebrate the life of the deceased by sharing stories, eating, and even listening to music.

Hiring The Wrong Funeral Director

A funeral director must have your best interests at heart for the whole funeral planning process to succeed. There are funeral directors that do not respect the profession and would rather spend time coming up with ways to rip you off. That is why as you research funeral homes in your area, you need to read the reviews left behind by people who used their services. You don’t need a car salesman for a funeral director.

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