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Edwin F. Larson

  • On January 29, 2021

Edwin F. Larson, 88, born August 17, 1932, passed away on January 27, 2021.  Born and raised in Level Green, Dad married Ardith Doll in 1954.  He always joked that he thought the Dolls’ house in Turtle Creek was made of brick, not brick siding, and that was why he married their daughter.  Nevertheless, Dad built Mom a brick ranch on the Larson family property, where they lived their entire lives.

Dad was a 35 year employee of Bell Telephone, for many years as a Switchman in Homestead and Wilkinsburg, and later as an Engineer Associate in Pittsburgh.  The annual Bell Telephone picnics at the Larsons were epic. 

Dad LOVED his John Deere and Cub Cadet tractors and his grass.  And, he loved his garden, especially his asparagus.

When all the dandelions in the fields were pulled, grass cut, the garden weeded, and baseball games played (or rained out), we would drive to Edinboro Lake.  Dad enjoyed working on the Bay Lee, but he especially enjoyed his boats through the years.  First it was the Boston Whaler, then the MFG, then the bigger MFG we bought from the other Edinboro Larsons, the Glastron, and much later, the Pontoon.  He was always working on some project with  Grandpap Doll,  or sitting with Grandma Doll, Uncle Bill and Aunt Thetis.  He also loved fishing with Walter.  He loved the buffet at the Beachcomber in Erie (but only once a summer).

Dad and Mom had beautiful life long friends, especially Vern and Shirley.  They were world travelers together.  They spent 20 winters together in Florida near Disney World.

Dad was loyal to family.  Mother Alice (Grandma Larson/Zavora), brother Carl and his wife Charlene and later Joyce, Joe (Grandpap Zavora), step brother Eddie, the Lakes at Canadohta Lake, his cousin Irwin Uherek.  

Dad and Carl made sure their families got together every year as their kids were growing up.     And we never failed to visit to their old employer, Isaly’s for a Klondike.  Carl Jr and Christine,  Karin, Scott, Eric, and Bill.  Wow, the times we had…

One of Dad’s proudest moments was having a Great Grandson named after him, Edwin Green.  

He loved his dogs, Grandma and Grandpap’s dogs, his kids’ dogs, his Grandkids’ dogs, but especially Gator and Ally.

He survived raising 4 children, flooded basements, a garage fire, and cancer.  

Dad succeeded in his plan, “Married in a Chevy, Buried in a Cadillac”.  He also enjoyed reminding his still working children that he had retired at age 56.

Dad loved his pipe.

Edwin Larson was predeceased by Ardith Mae Doll Larson (December 23, 2019).  He is survived by daughter Karin (Annapolis, MD), son Scott and Laura (Asheville, NC), son Eric and John Henninger (Lawrenceville, PA), Bill Larson and Jennifer (Pittsburgh, PA), his five grand children (Sarah, Dana, Jim, Leah, and Tyler), and five great grand children (Brooklyn, Mackenzie, Edwin, Isla, and Calvin).

A Summer 2021 celebration of Mom and Dad’s lives will be held in Level Green.  And YES, we will cut grass.

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Richard M Ashford
Ed and family were great neighbors and both my dad, Joe, and myself are saddened to hear of your loss.
Richard E Houghtelin
Worked with Eddie in Wilkinsburg at the Bell Telephone at Hay and Wallace for many years. I especially remember meeting up with him at 286 & 22 in the mornings, leaving my Pontiac or his Camaro and ride-sharing into Wilkinsburg back in the days when I still lived at my parents home in Plum. We would have many deep conversations about everything from soup to nuts, always interesting - never boring. I always felt Ed was a "Good Man" and enjoyed his friendship.
Shirley Dudura
Karen, Scott, Eric and Bill, I am so sorry to hear your Dad had passed away. Since my brother, Irwin kept us up to date on him, We thought he was doing ok. Irwin passed away in April 2020. I am living in Murrysville since 1979 I have 2 daughters Kim and Terri. they also send their condolences. I remember your dad when he Was young. Remember the times he and Carl got into their squirmishes and Aunt Alice would come Outside and get a bucket of water to break them up. Although your dad usually initiated. Those were the days and I will never forget your Dad or Carl. They were the best! Your Grandma Alice was my favorite aunt. I miss her and still think about her often. When your Mom and Dad got married, I was about 16. My job was to decorate the cars. Never forget. Hope to see o Hope to see all of you sometime. Our sympathy is heartfelt. Love to All, Shirley, Kim and Terri, Cousins
Dale Cramer
Scott, Karen, and Eric.... Sorry to hear of your Father’s passing. I’ve fond memories of him both at your home, and on the Little League baseball diamond. He always had a kind word for me and wore a smile on his face. And also was unaware that you Mother had had preceded him in death years ago. She to, evokes recollections of kindness and wisdom from years gone by. Wishing all of you strength and faith during a difficult time and trusting that you are all well. -Dale Cramer