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James A Freeman

  • On October 8, 2018

On Friday, October 5, 2018 James A Freeman Loving father of 4 passed suddenly at the age of 78.

James was born on October 15, 1939 in Lewiston, Maine.

He was a hardworking man who gave anything he had endlessly to those around him.

James was a virtuous individual. Kindness, wisdom, humanity, courage, understanding, gratitude, humility, honor, sincerity and faith, are some virtues and characteristics of which he lived by and practiced every day during his time on this earth. A very proud yet quiet & peaceful man.

James was dedicated to his faith and attending mass was never missed.

He was a sports fan of baseball, football and basketball & boxing. Listening to classical music was a passion and organic gardening. He was a visionary with natural medicine of which he studied throughout his life.

James will be missed, lives changed forever since his passing but his love and memories will live forever.

James Freeman was proceeded in death by his father, George, mother Bernice Paradis Freeman, brother’s George and Dan, Sister Donna Freeman Levesque and daughter Allison Freeman Hickman.

He is survived by his 3 children, Stephanie Freeman, Matthew Freeman and Edward Freeman; siblings Bruce, Jack, Brian, Doug, Maureen Freeman Costa, Laurene Freeman Lee as well as 7 loving grandchildren and many cousins, nieces and nephews.

Approaching the end of his years, James struggled with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s always holding up his dignity, integrity and his devotion to religious faith.

In lieu of flowers please donate in the name of James A Freeman for the Alzheimer’s association to help studies and research in ending Alzheimer’s disease.


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Trinette Kern
  • Oct 8 2018
We knew Jim for only a short while, yet everyone came to love him. He was a fierce defender of the female residents, always ready to help, to participate, and to offer a kind word. He made a lasting impression and is greatly missed. Trinette Kern and the Management and Staff of Gracious Living Personal Care Home
Paula Tapia
  • Oct 9 2018
I am so sorry to hear about Jim. He attended my socials at the Sewickley Valley YMCA every Thursday and loved my egg casserole! He always sang to me and when he played our Senior Games he won a gold medal!! My deepest sympathy to all of you. He was such a wonderful person!! Paula Tapia Sewickley Valley YMCA
Mandy Hernandez
  • Oct 9 2018
Mr. Freeman is and was an amazing guy. You meet him and your world is instantly changed. He and I would listen to classical music together, we would cook and have lunch together. He was a man of strong faith. He would talk with me about the lord and the saints. I told him that I would go to Christmas mass with him. I still plan on doing that. His hugs were amazing and i will miss his smile. Thank you for loving me Mr. Freeman. You forever have made a wonderful impact on me! I love you.
Ansley Van Epps
  • Oct 9 2018
James was my dear friend Stephanie’s father, and I will never forget spending time with him last Christmas at his apartment in Sewickley after Steph hosted a beautiful dinner party. I decided it would be a good idea to cut his long hair for him, and he let me! I chopped at least 4” of hair off his head, and he smiled and enjoyed the entire process immensely, even though he didn’t agree he needed it. He was a charming and vivacious man, and will be much missed. All my deepest sympathies to Stephanie and the Freeman family. In this difficult time, it is comforting to know James is now in the hands of the God he loved so much, and is at peace. May peace be with you all. Ansley Van Epps
Mark Bonsignore
  • Oct 12 2018
Rev. Mark Bonsignore October 12, 2018 we were both very young when we met in the Church of the Resurrection in Wallingford, Connecticut. at that time Jim was present at all 7 of our weekend Masses and served as Cantor/Leader of Song for many years. Shortly after i arrived there, being heavily involved in Church Music, I began to form a Parish Chorus that would be actively involved each Sunday and on special occasions. Jim was the first one on the list. He loved singing and had a great ear for music and after all the years of leading our congregation, his voice had developed making him a very valuable section leader. He was able to convince many other men to join our group and in his comical way would challenge them to learn even the most difficult music we were working on. we communicated almost daily. We were as close as brothers. i began to continue my study of music in New York and had access to many opportunities to attend rehearsals and performances for every kind of music event from Jazz to Grand Opera. Most of the time when going to any of these, i would get two tickets, one for each of us as we spent much time in New York enjoying the best there was. All the time we spent together we talked endlessly about everything, laughed a lot and just felt comfortable and at ease with each other. The 'good old days' for me were during all the years Jim was in Wallingford. Jim was a faithful and true friend. Each and every quality mentioned in his obituary only scratch the surface of the goodness of this gentleman. Since he moved away from Connecticut i had not seen him in a very long time and i did miss his company, but somehow, i thought he would show up now and then as he had done in the past. Now that he has died, i know that will not happen but i am happy that he is at peace receiving the reward that he so rightly deserves. I once heard from a Rabbi that in the Jewish tradition, 'When those in paradise are remembered, they know they are loved and they rejoice. ' i know your are rejoicing Jim, know that you are missed and loved. Your brother.........mark
Michael connelly
  • Oct 12 2018
My sincerest condolences to the Freeman family.
Stephanie Freeman
  • Oct 15 2018
Dear Dad, Today is October 15, 2018. It would be your 79th birthday here on earth and I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday. We missed your dentist appointment scheduled for last week. You lost your dentures and we were getting you new ones. I know you said you did not care but of course I did. We would have been having a nice dinner somewhere so you can enjoy a steak. You turned to salmon the past few years but you still love a steak once in a while. You never complained or asked for anything. Always grateful and thankful for everything. I know you were scared and frustrated at times with your Dementia. Words were not necessary. I know you. It was tough for me to understand as well. We were doing a good job at trying to figure things out together. You did tell me plenty of times that you were not afraid to die. We are all going to someday and earth is a stepping stone. I never wanted to hear that. When I think of you telling me that now, I have faith you really felt that way. I think of that in seeking comfort for my heavy heart. Every day you wanted to feel purposeful and useful. You strived to fight your Dementia and were really good at hiding it somedays. I could see your body was getting weak and you were slowing down. Your effort to keep up will always be a memory I admire. You really showed Carol you can still do a push up. I am so proud of you for your love and kindness even with your struggles. We all have our moments but you held yourself together like a champ. Your heart has set you free sooner than expected. Now you have no fear and feel no pain. Please know you were no burden. I would do it all over; over and over again to have you back. When you were still here you would say, “I don’t know what I would do without you.” I believe you would tell me now, not to be sad and you are in a better place. You’ve been waiting for heaven. Selfishly, hard days may be ahead. It’s all a part of losing you too soon or sooner than expected. A part of me went with you when you passed away. You will see me still doing things for you in your honor. I will always love you and miss you Dad!
Joe Peduzzi
  • Oct 17 2018
Stephanie, I only knew your father a short period of time when he relocated to the Sewickley area. I met him in the downtown of Sewickley little over a year ago. Struck up a friendship with your father as I would see him every so often. He was a genuinely good person. I always had a great few minutes with him and put a smile on my face. I am going to miss him. Rest assure he is in heaven. Please accept my condolences. Sincerely, Joe Peduzzi
Carol Fiumara
  • Oct 18 2018
The first time I met Jim,I knocked on his door and he answered and I said is Jim here and he said you have the wrong address and I said is Stephanie here and he said no and started to laugh and said,come in(he is a kidder). The five months that we were friends, there were many times that he kidded about different things. In my mind I nicknamed him (the kidder). Most Thursdays and Fridays we went to the YMCA to attend the social affairs. Jim easily fit in! He talked and laughed with the group. Sometimes on Friday's the social club had live music (which he truly enjoyed). The song that I heard him sing the most was (let me go lover) by Jo Stafford. I always liked that song myself! Jim had a good singing voice. Mondays we usually stayed in and played checkers and he was starting to get good at the game. Whenever I asked him to do something he would go along with it, get ice cream, go to lunch, he was always willing. He always went to mass on Sundays and had many religious items around him on his table. He looked forward to going to Heaven! I will miss doing these activities with Jim but he is where he wanted to be (In Heaven). Love, Carol
William Ogden
  • Oct 19 2018
Stephanie, i read your 10/15 note to your dad. Thank you for sharing your fond love for him. i didn't know James, but do now. Hugs & much love to you my friend. Love, Bill Ogden
Angela Winfield, OCDS
  • Sep 8 2019
A wonderful, gentle man. Was always easy to talk to. He used to go to daily Mass at Emmanuel here in Dayton. He was a member of my Discalced Carmelite Secular community, and loved by everyone. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him! May he rest in peace.