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Richard Stoffiere

  • On October 7, 2022

Richard Stoffiere passed away on October 6, 2022, at the age of 78.

Where he was born, where he lived, who preceded  him and who is still here is less important than who he was. If you were lucky enough to know Rick, you will understand. His time with us can be summed up in three words: He really lived.

We are honoring Rick’s wishes by not holding services. If you want to remember our husband, father, and grandfather, do not send flowers or food or words of peace. Take a drive to Ohiopyle for no reason. Eat a Jim’s hot dog. Go for a walk at South Park on a sunny afternoon. Visit the Jersey shore. Play a round of golf. Grab some Dunkin Donuts on a random Wednesday. Sit on your porch and watch a sunset with the person you love. Call your kids and grandkids. Make a joke. Put salt on your watermelon (and everything, actually). Take a cruise. Hold hands with your spouse no matter how old you are. Help a neighbor. Show the people that you care for you love them at every opportunity. Say I love you to those you truly do.

In short – live. Every day and in every way. Really live.

The cancer that eventually got the best of him did not win. He did not lose a fight, nor a battle. There was no weakness. He won. By staying the person he was his whole life and by continuing to LIVE, he won. He didn’t move mountains, but he left the World a better place than he found it. And after all, isn’t that what this crazy thing called life is all about?

If you feel the desire to help someone and remember Rick, donations can be made to the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center online at https://hillmanresearch.upmc.edu/giving/. You can choose to designate a donation to assist in cancer research or to support patient care. The people at Hillman did an incredible job for Rick and gave us more time with him. Not more than we hoped, but definitely more than we expected. They can use the help.

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There are no words to describe the fun Rich made us all have on Jeffreys Dr . When I think of him it makes me smile. Love and Pease to you all ❤️
Debbie & Jaime Roman
What a beautiful Obituary and so well said and perfect for a man who loved life and lived it. To us, he was a true friend, or as we called him, "a brother from another mother" or just "little Ricky"!! Sitting on his pool lounge chair during a Cruise was just the beginning of a wonderful friendship that, although long distance, we knew was special. Rick always treated us as family and we love and miss him so very much. The memories we have made together will last a lifetime and we will keep them close to our hearts. One memory that definitely comes to mind, and this is just one of many, is when Rick and Barb surprised us when they showed up on Cruise we were on. I mean, who does that. We just knew they were special and that they were going to be a big part of our lives forever!! Rick brought so much joy and laughter into our lives as we know he did for others. Him and Jaime even dressed alike at times!! Thank you, Rick, for all the beautiful and happy memories that we will cherish forever. You will always bring a smile to our faces and we will remember you with loads of love!! You mentioned in the Obituary to say I love you to those you truly love, Rick and Barb, we love you both so very much!! Love and peace to all of you. Love, Debbie and Jaime
Rochelle Parenti
Where do we begin? Living next door to Rick and Barb was an adventure. The laughter and memories are truly precious, from the time Ricky put put The Burning Bush in our yard to the time Ricky Ricky fertilized his front yard in his pilgrim shoes in a circle. Then the grass looked like a bulls eye. There are hundreds or stories and We were so blessed to have lived next door to them. God bless you Barb. You always gave me the best and wise advice. Ricky's obituary says it all. Love you
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