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Personalizing Cremation Services

  • On June 7, 2021

When you are going to have cremation services in Crafton, PA for a loved one, know that this method does not exclude you from having any kind of memorial service. You can do whatever you want for your loved one and often, you want the services to be very unique and personalized, just like your loved one was. There are lots of things you can do and the funeral home is there to help you go through ideas that might be fitting for your loved one and your family. Here are a few options to help you personalize things just how you want them to be.

Celebrate Life Instead Of Mourning Death

While there’s nothing wrong with a more traditional memorial service, you might feel better about celebrating your loved one’s life. Go over happy memories and talk about the good times. Celebrating a life well-lived and giving examples of that can feel like the right way to go to make things unique and personalized for everyone involved.

Make A Memorial Video

No matter what kind of service you have for your loved one, it’s often the memorial video that feels like the most special, unique part of the service. These videos have a way of bringing tears, smiles, and laughter to the guests. You can include pictures, songs, and even video clips and bring them all together to show a highlight reel of your loved one’s life. It’s a great way to customize even a service that feels standard in other ways.

Use Optional Livestreaming Choices

If you want everyone in your family to be able to attend, but some people just can’t make it because they are too far away, or others aren’t comfortable gathering right now, you have live streaming options you can take advantage of. You can have the service, just as you would have otherwise, and live stream it to other people. Or you can have something interactive where the people there in person and those online can talk over favorite memories and share stories with one another.

Have A Digital Memorial In Addition

Having a service with your family can feel very important, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do. You could also have a digital memorial of some kind to include more people or make something that lasts longer. Startup a website or a facebook page that people can use to leave comments, share pictures, and celebrate your loved one long term.

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Give Away Favors

If you want to allow guests at a memorial service to walk away with something, you might consider some kind of ‘party favor,’ if you will. Those who make memorial videos could give away copies of that. You could lay out your loved one’s book collection and let everyone take one. You could give everyone a wallet-sized photo of your loved one. And the list of options goes on and on.

When working on cremation services in Crafton, PA, the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care make it a priority to make things unique and special.

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