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Places At Home To Display Cremated Remains

  • On July 25, 2022

Cremation services in McMurray, PA are popular today for a variety of reasons, one of which is because that method allows family members to do whatever they want for their loved one’s final resting place. There’s also no timeline on the process and you can take as much time as you want with the decision. If you have thought about it and you really want to keep your loved one’s remains in your home, there are a lot of places to display them with honor. Even if you plan on doing something else with the cremated remains, or if you aren’t sure yet, you can display them at home for now and move them to their permanent resting place later. Whichever direction you are taking, if you are displaying the remains at home, here are some locations to consider.


The Living Room

You could place your loved one on the fireplace mantel or in other spots within the living room. They will be a part of every family game night and all of the other gatherings your family might have together as a group. It’s a place where they are a part of the household on a daily basis.


The Dining Room

You enjoyed meals with your loved one and you hate to think they will no longer be a part of those gatherings. Keep them on a shelf in the dining room, or perhaps the china hutch in the corner, and they can be there for every meal you have with family and friends.


The Entry Way

Perhaps your loved one was great at greeting people and always welcomed their neighbors and others through their front door. It might make sense to keep them in the entry way as a way to welcome anyone to your own home in a way your loved one would have.


The Office

If you don’t want your loved one out in the central part of the home on display, but you want them nearby, having them in your office where you can think of them and access them whenever you want.


The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home and you might want to place your loved one there to be a part of any cooking triumph or failure. If they were quite the cook themselves, it might feel like an obvious place for them.


The Bedroom

You may have lost your spouse or someone else close to you and keeping them in your bedroom where you might want to keep them for your own personal reasons can be a nice thing to do. They are nearby, but not on display in the home.

There are lots of places you can display your loved one, with honor, within your home. Once the preplan cremation services in McMurray, PA are complete, you can choose whatever you want for your loved one’s memorial services, final resting places, and beyond. The professionals can offer you advice for areas you might want to display your loved one’s remains within your home. Call or visit our care center now.