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Planning The Perfect Memorial After Cremation Services

  • On May 23, 2022

When a loved one dies, one of your primary concerns is going to be taking care of them. You want their needs to be met with cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA, but beyond that, you might want to have a memorial service for them as well. Not only is that a nice way to honor your loved one, but it is a great way to give your family some of the things they need to move forward with their own grieving processes. Here are some tips to planning that perfect memorial service.

Choose The Right Venue

The location you choose for your loved one’s final services is going to make a big difference in the atmosphere and tone of the service overall. There’s a big difference from having a service in a church or having one outside. You can also see that it’s different to have a service in a family home versus something outside in a park. The right venue can set up all of the different elements of the service that you want.

Invite The Right People

Beyond the location, having the right people present is going to be highly important to you and your family members. You are going to want the people who were closest to your loved one at the service as well as those who are close to you and can act as a support system for you and others. Having all of those people in one spot can really mean a lot and it’s a nice way to honor your loved one.

Choose A Celebrant

The person who presides over the memorial service you organize will make a big difference in the way things operate. You might ask the pastor of your loved one’s church, a professional from a funeral home, a family member, or someone else. The person who stands at the front of the memorial service location will do most of the speaking and they help to set the tone you want.

Personalize The Event

You want your loved one’s memorial service to be as personal and unique as possible. You can find big and small ways to make the event unique. Keep in mind that even if you do something that feels usual and regular, it’s going to be a unique service because of who the service is honoring. That person was unique and any service you have that revolves around they will be unique as well. But there are other things you can do that make the event completely personalized. The professionals can offer ideas and options that might sound right to you.

Have A Memorial Reception/Meal

Some people like to spend more time with their family after the memorial service is complete and that is when you might like to have a reception, including a meal or snacks of some sort. Once cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA are complete, it’s nice to have a casual gathering with your family to be together and catch up on life. Visit our location now for more information about Preplanning.