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Process Of Embalming And What It Entails

  • On February 20, 2023

If you are planning a viewing for your loved one, any funeral director providing funeral and cremation services in McMurray, PA is going to suggest embalming. Embalming in simple terms is just a process used to preserve the body for as long as possible before burial or cremation. Through this process, the appearance of your loved one remains natural so that people can view the body comfortably. Here is what you need to know about embalming.

The Process Of Embalming

Before embalming begins, the muscles are massaged to ease the stiffness in the joints and all over the body. The body is also shaved before the mortician begins the embalming process by first cleaning the body and removing all the fluids and other things. The next step is to wash the body with disinfectant solutions. Embalming fluid or formaldehyde is then injected into the arteries after all the blood has been drained from the body. This chemical helps to preserve the body. After this, the body is dressed and prepared for viewing. The body may be wrapped in a shroud or placed in a casket after the preparation process. Embalming is not required by law but many families ask for this process when they are planning a viewing.

How The Embalming Process Works

The reason disinfectants are used to wash the body is to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Anyone cleaning a body is trained and certified because of the many risks involved. That is why they use high-standard biohazard equipment. It’s all about keeping people who come in contact with the body are not exposed to harmful agents. Unlike what many people believe, the embalming process does not involve removing the organs. Instead, the organs are soaked in a solution to harden and preserve them. While cremation services are simple and straightforward, having cremation done doesn’t exclude other services.

The Steps Taken When Preparing The Body For Viewing

Once the embalming process is done, the mortician prepares the body for viewing. The mortician closes the eyes of your loved one with a special type of glue. When the glue is not used, plastic eye caps are placed on the eye to keep them closed. They also secure the lower jaw after they manipulate it into position.

Cosmetics Used To Make Your Loved One Look Like They Are Just Asleep

Cosmetics are often used on the face and hands to make your loved one look alive. The mortician applies moisturizing lotion on the face, lips, and hands. Makeup is used to cover up blemishes, discoloration, or any other marks on your loved one’s face and hands. They also apply powder to absorb any oil on the skin and may also apply nail polish and lipstick. You can also offer suggestions on how you want your loved one’s hair to be styled. Styling of the hair in this context is not that different from what happens in everyday life.

As you can see, we will ensure that your loved one is well taken care of when you use our funeral and cremation services in Canonsburg, PA. Contact us today.