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Questions To Ask Funeral Directors About Cremation Services

  • On June 29, 2020

When a loved one passes on, funeral directors are there to give you the compassion, and services you need. If you are doing cremation services in McMurray, PA for that person, you may have a lot of things to ask before you move forward and that’s perfectly natural and understandable. The funeral homes are used to questions and they are there to help you however they can. Here are some questions you might ask as you plan final services:

What Happens Now?

Even if you’ve had loved ones pass on in the past, you may not have been in charge of the services. If it’s the first time you’ve organized services, you might not know what happens first, second, or next. IT’s okay to ask a funeral director what you need to do, when, and in what order. They’ve been through this process many different times and they can help guide you in the right direction.

What’s Your Role In The Process?

While you know you are in charge of the services and the decisions, what does the funeral director do? Asking them will help you have an idea as to what to expect. They will likely tell you that they are there to support you. They are there to implement the plans you want to have in place for your loved one. They pull everything together so you can have what you want for your loved one’s services.

What Are Your Budget Recommendations?

You can set a budget, but if you don’t know what the normal costs are for final services, you may not have the parameters in place that can actually cover services. Or you might have way too much in mind and you don’t really need to spend that much on these services. Ask the funeral director what cremation services cost, in general, and get a price list from them on things you can change and customize so you are able to set up your budget in a way that will make sense for the services you want.

cremation services in McMurray, PA

Is Everything Ready?

This is something you would ask later on in the process to ensure that everything is in place as you want it. The funeral director won’t let you forget important steps, but it can be reassuring for you to hear them say that yes, indeed, everything is ready.

When you are arranging cremation services in McMurray, PA, the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are here for you. You can ask any questions you’d like and please, don’t feel weird about what you want to ask. We’ve heard everything from simple to complicated questions and we are here to help you navigate the process from start to finish. We’d love to talk to you over the phone to get your questions answered and we can help you get plans into place for your loved one, whatever it is that you want for them. We’ll offer you ideas and suggestions as we get to know you.

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