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Remains Options After Cremation Services

  • On January 25, 2021

Perhaps you plan a loved one’s cremation services in Coraopolis, PA, but don’t think that much further about what you are going to do. That’s okay because once they are cremated, you have met their immediate needs and the timeline on anything else you do is taken away. You have the time to think things through and put effort into anything else you do. You might want to plan some kind of memorial for a week later, a month down the road, or even later on. You will also want to think about what you want to do for your loved one’s final resting place. Here are a few options to consider:

Keep The Urn In Your Home

Cremation packages include everything you need for the process and you will get a simple container for your loved one’s remains. But you can also choose to purchase an urn. Many families do that so their loved one has a nice place for the final service. After the services, they also might choose to keep the urn in their home. This is nice if you move a lot because you can take your loved one with you without question. It’s also nice if you want them to be as close to you as possible.

Cemetery Cremation Vault

If you want to keep your loved one’s remains safe and you are worried about a fire or accident at home, you could put them in a cremation vault in the cemetery. You are able to keep them safe and you have a place to visit when you want to think about them. Plus, if you want to move their urn in the future, you can still do that.

Cemetery Burial

You can also still bury an urn in a cemetery plot if you wish. The plots for urns are much smaller and less costly, but still, give you a nice place to visit when you want to honor your loved one again.

cremation services in Coraopolis, PA

Ash Scattering

One of the most popular things to do is choose a special place and then scatter your loved one’s ashes. That might be over a body of water, in the ap ark, around a family farm, or elsewhere. Choose somewhere meaningful and you also have a place to visit again in the future when you want to think of your loved one.

There are other, even more, unique options that you can use after cremation services in Coraopolis, PA when you want to give your loved one a final resting place. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care know all of the options and can present them to you so you can think it over and decide on what feels right for your family and your deceased loved one. The common choices are honorable and respectful and widely used. But there are unique options that, while not as common, can be personal, customized, and very special as well. Give us a call to talk over options whenever you are ready to start thinking them through and making decisions.

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