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Saving The Most With Cremation Services

  • On September 28, 2020

Planning your own final services means you get to make all of the decisions, put them together in writing, and then pass them along to your family members. Your final services are yours and yours alone so they should be what you want them to be. If you have decided on cremation services in McKees, PA, and you want to pay in advance as well, that might mean a tight budget. There are ways you can save a great deal with cremation so you can afford to pay ahead. Here are a few things to try:

Going With Cremation In The First Place

Even just going with cremation over a traditional burial is a huge savings right off the bat. You don’t have to pay for a lot of the products and services that are necessary with a funeral, like a casket, a plot, a headstone, and so on. Simply choosing cremation means you are going to save thousands of dollars, most likely. That can give you a good leg up on whatever budget you have in mind.

Going With Direct Cremation

Of the cremation categories, direct cremation is going to be the least expensive. This type of cremation sends you right into cremation (after paperwork is finished) once you pass on and has no services beforehand. You don’t have to pay for any extras with this form of cremation.

Don’t Add To Packages

All funeral homes are going to have package deals available to you. They will show you the various packages and let you choose from there. Keep in mind that any package has everything you need to carry out cremation services. You don’t have to add anything to them at all. Some people choose to add things, like an urn, instead of using the simple container the funeral home provides. But you can save the most by just choosing a package and not adding anything to it. Then, the bottom line price is as you see it on the package in front of you.

Have A Sensible Memorial

Memorial services can add to the cremation costs quickly, but you can request one that’s completely free. Ask a family member to host something in their home or have family gather in a park. There doesn’t have to be any costly rentals that go along with it.

cremation services in McKees, PA

If you are looking into planning your own cremation services in McKees, PA, and you really want to pay in advance as well, there’s nothing wrong with cremation and other smaller cost options. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care can take the budget you have to offer to the project and help you fit everything you need in with one of our packages. You can take as much time as you want choosing and thinking things over and we’re here to put things in writing when you are ready. Give us a call and you can talk to our funeral director and go over any questions you might have.

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