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Things To Tell Yourself Around Cremation Services

  • On December 14, 2020

Planning cremation services in Crafton, PA can be very rough. One thing that can help you is positive self-talk. It never hurts, at least. And it’s better than the alternative. What you say to yourself can make a huge difference in the way you feel throughout the process. Here are a few things you might say to yourself as you move ahead with plans and the grieving process as a whole.

You Are Doing The Best You Can

Whether you are planning services for a loved one and you have to guess at what they might want, or you already know what plans they want, you are just doing the best you can with the circumstances you have to work with. That’s all anyone can really ask of you at this point. You are grieving and you have a lot of decisions to make. That’s hard on anyone. Don’t be too hard on yourself and instead, remind yourself that you are doing the best you can, whatever that looks like.

Your Loved One Is Getting What They Need

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t give your loved one a grand service and traditional burial. Cremation is completely honorable and respectful. It also costs less, which is why many people go that direction or why you might feel it’s your only option due to budget constraints. Remind yourself that your loved one is getting everything they need through cremation. There’s nothing wrong with using cremation as it meets needs with honor and respect.

Time Will Help You Move On

There’s really no such thing as getting ‘over’ losing a loved one. But when it first happens, it feels raw and your emotions are fresh. Time will help you to find a new normal and a way to move on. You may still hurt, but not as openly and as badly as you do right away. Reminding yourself that you won’t always feel this emotional and sad will help you to get through the times when you do feel that way.

cremation services in Crafton, PA

You Are Honoring Your Loved One

Cremation is a nice way to get your loved one’s needs met, but also a great way to honor them. Whatever services you put together have the goal of honoring your loved one. Reminding yourself that you are doing things in their memory and honor can help you feel better about the services you are putting together, no matter how small or large they might be.

There are plenty of other things you might tell yourself that are positive, healthy things to say around cremation services in Crafton, PA. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are good at showing their support as well and telling you things that will come across as compassionate every step of the way. It might be easier to talk to yourself nicely when others around you are doing the same thing, right? Give us a call when you need help with cremation services, and we’ll help you however we can.

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