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Top Funeral Service Ideas from the Queen’s Funeral

  • On January 16, 2023

Whether you have just lost a loved one or are pre-planning your funeral, there are certain ideas you can borrow from the queen’s funeral. Ensure that the funeral home providing you with funeral and cremation services in McMurray, PA is open to arranging creative non-traditional funerals. There is a lot you can use from Queen Elizabeth II to make your funeral or the funeral of a loved one unique. Here are the top ideas that you can use.

Let Horses Pull The Hearse

The queen’s casket was transported on a vehicle and then transferred to a gun carriage towed by the Royal Navy. You may not be able to stop all the traffic in Pittsburgh to hold a slow procession but you can arrange with a cemetery to have horses draw a carriage holding the casket to the burial ground. The casket can be transported on a normal vehicle and then transferred to the horse-drawn hearse. You can have the hearse covered with various beautiful flowers and choose a horse breed that would fit into a royal setting.

Hold The Funeral Service At A Church

You can do this whether or not you are a believer. Cathedrals or temples have this majestic feel that calms everybody down as they listen to a sermon or eulogy. They are airy and full of light and, depending on the denomination, have all manner of paintings, stained glass windows, high ceilings, and even sculptures. All this not only makes you feel small but also makes you feel like you are in the presence of the divine. You can weep quietly and almost no one will hear you over the sound of the organ playing. A multitude of people attended the queen’s funeral service but the cathedral did not feel stuffy or overcrowded.

Know What To Wear

People wore all manner of clothes at the queen’s funeral. You can never go wrong with the hats that the women attendees wore. If you are having trouble choosing an outfit for your kids or the appropriate jewelry to wear, just take inspiration from what the young princesses and other guests wore. Even if the all-black look is not for you, you will get something that you will prefer.

What To Place On Top Of The Casket

Apart from the crown, there were other items such as an orb, a scepter, and even a note written by King Charles placed on top of the casket. For your loved one’s funeral, you can ask the guests to place their notes of condolences into a container sitting on the casket. Instead of a crown, you can place an item the deceased loved such as a golf club, hockey stick, or other favorite items. As long as the item honors your loved one, it’s appropriate to place it on the casket during the memorial service.

When you come to us for cremation services in Canonsburg, PA, we can help you implement your ideas for your loved one’s funeral. Our main focus is to help you arrange a funeral that will make your loved one proud.