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What Can You Do With The Funeral Home If They Have Plans

  • On September 21, 2020

If a loved one in your family passes on, and they already have final plans organizes with funeral homes in McKees, PA, most people face that with relief. They don’t have to worry about making any plans, having to guess at what the person would have wanted, or any of that. They simply call the funeral home and the plans they set up take action. The family can then spend more time together grieving. However, there are some people who still want to do something for their loved one. They might feel at a loss for what to do since the funeral home has the plans in action already. Here are a few ideas that can help you fit into the plans without changing anything your loved one wanted.

Organize A Reception

Your loved one may have gotten their final services in order, but they may not have gone as far as to organize a reception for after their funeral or memorial service. You can take that detail under your wing and plan something special for your family. You can either have it at a restaurant, cater it, potluck it, or order meat and cheese trays for sandwiches. Whatever you do, your loved ones will appreciate having some extra time together and some nourishment after the services are complete.

Put Together Photo Boards

Most people who plan their final services don’t get into the in depth details, like arranging photo boards. They often plan their funeral or memorial services years, or even decades, in advance, so they can’t do things like that and have them be up-to-date. But it gives you something nice that you can do for them after they pass on. Gather a bunch of pictures and make a display so you are able to have photo boards at the ready for the memorial service, whenever it is set to take place. Looking through the old pictures can be cathartic for you and it can mean a lot to the people who attend the services as well.

Put Together A Memorial

There are lots of things you can do to memorialize your loved one. You could plant a tree or garden, dedicate a park bench, have a rock engraved, or any other number of things. Putting that together for your family can be your contribution since you are not needed to plan the service that your loved one already put together.

funeral homes in McKees, PA

If you are thinking of other things you can do around the services your loved one planned with funeral homes in McKees, PA, the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are always here to help. It doesn’t matter if your loved one already has the big parts all planned out, we’ll still help you come up with things you can add to those services in order to make them something truly special and honoring for your loved one along with giving you something to contribute.

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