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Writing A Sympathy Card–Tips To Consider

  • On August 15, 2022

When you hear that a friend of yours has lost a loved one, you might want to reach out to them and let them know you are sorry for their loss and have been thinking about them. Their family might be planning cremation services in McMurray, PA and one thing you can do is write a sympathy card to them. Here are some tips you are going to want to consider when you write that card. Cremation is certainly nothing new, but just because they have been around for thousands of years doesn’t mean everyone knows everything there is to know about them.

Choose Who Will Receive It

You will want to think about who you want to send the card to in order to mail it to the right person. If you are close to one particular person in the family, and they are your friend, it makes sense to send it to them. If you are a friend of the whole family, you might send the card to the person closest to the one who passed on. It’s also perfectly fine to send a card to more than one person, too.

Send It In A Timely Fashion

You want the family to know you are thinking of them while they are planning and preparing the services, or shortly after they occur. If you send a card a month later, it’s still nice, but a timely card is really the best way to go. Sit down with the card the minute you hear the news to get your sympathies to them sooner rather than later.

Consider Sending Memorial Money

You don’t have to send a gift along with the card, but you certainly can. Many people send flowers, but it’s also really easy to put money on the card. When you send the money, let the family know you want them to honor their loved one in whatever way they see fit. They might really appreciate the funds because they needed help with the final service expenses. Or, they might donate the money to a charity to honor their loved one, which is also nice.

Get An Appropriate Card

Look through your card stash to see if you have something that works or, gets something from the store that works. You might want an actual sympathy card or, you can get something with a nice picture on the outside that is blank inside so you can write whatever you want.

Write Something Nice

You will want to write something sincere in the card that lets them know you have been thinking of them and are sorry for their loss. You don’t really have to say any more than that unless you want to offer to do something for them, which is always nice. If you do make an offer, follow up on it later.

Include The Return Address

Make sure your return address is on the card so they can thank you later, especially if you sent money or something else to go along with the card. Their loved one’s cremation services in McMurray, PA are important to them, and reaching out to them is a nice thing to do.