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The Choice Between a Funeral Home and Cremations Care in Canonsburg, PA

The way that families care for their deceased has been changing. Over the last several decades, families have been evaluating the choice of service types. They are choosing between a traditional funeral service provided by a funeral home and an alternative service provided by a cremation provider. Both of these disposition options are widely prevalent, and both are excellent choices. That’s why local mortuary teams can provide both traditional funeral and cremation care in Canonsburg, PA.


Which Option Should You Choose?

Not sure whether a casket funeral or cremation is the better choice for your family’s needs? There is so much to think about when you are making the decision. From the choice of a grave plot to inurnment and ash scattering, you’ll want to think carefully about how each style of aftercare will benefit or detract from your family’s needs. That’s why we’ve laid out several details of the two styles of disposition. As you are making your decision, take time to review the costs and the following details about traditional funerals and cremation options in Canonsburg, PA.


Traditional Funeral Care

Friends and families are very well served by this timeless method of laying a loved one to rest. A traditional funeral generally includes a viewing service, a funeral meeting, and when desired a graveside ceremony.

  • Viewings: Also referred to as visitation hours or a wake, are a time when family and friends can gather together in the same room as the deceased. The body has been embalmed and dressed to look their best. Those who come can pay their final respects, and grieve with others who feel the pain of loss. Seeing the body at rest can help people to suspend their disbelief that their loved one has died. This benefit enables them to begin the healing process.
  • Funerals: Funerals are the formal gathering of family and friends to commemorate the life of the fallen. It is a time of shared words, readings, memories, poetry, and songs. The funeral can have religious, cultural, or ceremonial meanings. It can also be devoid of any traditional viewings and religious services, favoring a more secular view of life and death. Either way, the funeral experience is a powerful way for mourners to remember the life of their loved one, and to bid them a final farewell.
  • Graveside Ceremonies: This part of a funeral is an intimate goodbye experience for those who attend. Sometimes this final act of committing the body of the deceased into their final resting place is reserved for family and close friends. There at the side of the grave, it reminds all of the finality of death, and the wonder of a life well-lived.


Cremation Care

Cremations are not new, but they have become much more common in our society. They serve families by creating more flexibility and simplicity in caring for the deceased. Many of the benefits they provide to families are not available in traditional funeral burials.

  • Expense: The cost of cremation can be quite inexpensive. For those who just want cremation without any commemorative service, it is a minimal cost. This allows families without means a way to care for their loved ones without creating an undue burden. The low cost of care is also a more practical solution for those who seek simplicity without the pomp and ceremony of a traditional funeral.
  • Earth Gentle: The environment is a high-priority concern for many people. Cremation is often viewed as a better way to help minimize pollution by avoiding embalming chemicals, metals, plastics, and other polluting materials found in cemetery casket burials.
  • Portable: With so much mobility in modern life, many families want the option to take their fallen loved ones with them when they move. Cremation provides a way to meet this need. The inurned ashes of a loved one can be taken with you.
  • Memorial: This service can be held long after death and cremation have occurred since the body of the deceased is not present. Many families appreciate the flexibility of planning and holding a commemorative service for their loved ones at a time that is more convenient for all to gather.


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