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Veterans and Their Families

Federal Benefits

Additional VA Benefits for those that qualify:

  • Flag
  • Headstone
  • Service connected burial allowance: $2,000
  • Veterans who pass at a VA facility
    • $762 Burial/Cremation allowance
    • $762 towards plot
    • Transportation

Who is eligible for a burial flag?

A burial flag is available to any veteran who has served honorably in the U.S. military. The flag is also available to the veteran’s spouse and to the parents of a deceased veteran.

How do I order a burial flag?

You can order a burial flag through your local VA office. You will need to provide proof of honorable service in the military.

What is the significance of a burial flag?

A burial flag is a symbol of our country’s commitment to honor those who have served in the military. It helps ensure that all veterans are remembered and honored for their service.

Burial allowance

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a burial allowance for veterans and their eligible dependents. The VA burial allowance is a payment to help cover the cost of burial and funeral expenses.

The VA burial allowance is currently $300.00, which may not cover all the costs associated with a funeral or burial. Eligible dependents may receive up to $2,000.00 in burial benefits.

Cremation allowance

Veterans who choose to have their remains cremated may be eligible for a cremation allowance. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a $300 cremation allowance to honorably discharged veterans who have died from any cause. The allowance is intended to help pay for the cost of the veteran’s cremation.

In order to be eligible for the cremation allowance, the veteran must have been discharged from service under honorable conditions.

State Benefits

10 death certificates for veteran and their spouse.

Veterans in the United States can receive a number of benefits from the state in which they reside. These benefits can include property tax exemptions, reduced tuition rates at state universities, and priority for state jobs.

In most states, veterans are exempt from paying property taxes on the value of their homes. This exemption can be very valuable, as the average home value in the United States is over $200,000. In some states, such as Texas, the exemption applies to both the veteran’s home and the land it sits on.

Many states also offer reduced tuition rates for veterans attending state universities. For example, in California, veterans pay only $5 per credit hour, compared to the normal rate of $46 per credit hour.

Some states, such as South Carolina, have laws that allow veterans to get priority for state government jobs. This lowers unemployment rates among veterans in these states. For example, South Carolina has a 6% rate of veteran unemployment, compared to 15% nationwide.

County Benefits

In the past, veterans have been given free burials in a county or city-owned cemetery. Today, only some counties provide free burial for veterans at their local cemeteries. Not all states offer this type of benefit for their veteran population.

County benefits for veterans’ funeral services can provide much-needed help to the family of a fallen veteran. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a number of benefits and services for eligible veterans and their families.

One such benefit is the provision of a gravesite in a national cemetery. The VA will provide a gravesite, headstone or marker, and flag-draping service at no cost to the family. In addition, the VA will also conduct a burial ceremony with military honors if desired by the family.

Another county benefit available to veterans’ families is reimbursement of some or all of the costs associated with the funeral service. Eligible expenses include funeral home services, transportation of the deceased, casket or urn, vault or alternate container, opening and closing of the gravesite, marker or headstone, and burial plot. The VA will reimburse up to 75% of the approved expenses with a maximum reimbursement of $2,000.

We offer the following privileges:


  • Reside in the county
  • Serve during wartime

Allgheny County

  • $100: veteran
  • $100: veteran’s widow
  • $100: towards military foundation headstone

Washington County

  • $75: veteran
  • $75: veteran’s widow
  • $100: towards military foundation headstone

Beaver County

  • $100: veteran
  • $100: veteran’s widow
  • $50: towards military foundation headstone

Greene County

  • $75: veteran
  • $75: veteran’s widow
  • $100: towards military foundation headstone

National Cemetery Benefits

One of the most immediate benefits is that national cemeteries offer free perpetual care for gravesites. This means that the grounds will always be well-maintained, and if any repairs or renovations are needed, they will be taken care of by the government.

National cemeteries also grant burial flags, headstones, and markers for free. However, veterans need to understand that they will have limitations in terms of design elements. The United States government has strict rules when it comes to how military funerals are conducted. If a veteran’s family requests certain aspects of their funeral that go against protocol, then the cemetery may require them to pay for those additions privately or omit them entirely (for instance, if they want an inscription that isn’t approved).

Beyond these benefits, there are many more reasons why veterans should consider having their funerals in national cemeteries. For instance, veterans’ families may request that the military honor guard be present during their loved one’s burial. The government will also rifle through all of its available funds to ensure that the funeral service is never interrupted by an individual trying to disrupt it.

Private Cemetery and National Cemetery Comparison

Private Cemetery

Option You Pay
Grave $1,690.00
Opening/Closing $1,245.00
Concrete Grave Liner $1,490.00
Spouse Grave $1,690.00
Spouse Opening/Closing $1,245.00
Spouse Concrete Grave Liner $1,490.00
Double Marker $3,280.00

You Pay $12,130.00

National Cemetery

Option You Pay
Grave $0.00
Opening/Closing $0.00
Concrete Grave Liner $0.00
Spouse Grave $0.00
Spouse Opening/Closing $0.00
Spouse Concrete Grave Liner $0.00
Double Marker $0.00

You Pay $0