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Traditional Funeral Home and Cremations Care Options in Pittsburgh, PA


At Pittsburgh Cremation, we guide families through the decision-making processes and carry out their wishes in an easy and affordable way. We offer options for everyone, ranging from a simple “I just want cremation,” to a personalized open-casket visitation followed by cremation. Our funeral prices include everything needed for a customary service and burial, from a high-quality casket and embalming services to a hearse and the expert service of our funeral directors and staff.

We take pride in providing excellent and affordable funeral and cremation service with compassion and care throughout the Pittsburgh area. Please feel free to contact us by phone (412-787-1800 & 724-260-5546) or email (care@pittsburghcremation.com) as we are always available 24 hours a day to those who are in need.

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In decades past, the process of caring for a deceased loved one was well known. The deceased was taken to the funeral home and prepared for a funeral service and burial in the local cemetery. Although death was no less difficult for a family to experience, the method of providing service was well established. But nowadays, families and individuals have more aftercare service choices for their fallen loved ones. Only an established funeral home and cremations provider in Pittsburgh, PA and Moon, PA is able to offer the wide variety of care that modern families may seek.

When it comes to caring for the remains of the deceased, what are the aftercare service options that families want? Generally speaking, they focus on earth burial or cremation, along with a commemorative service of their choosing. These services can be discussed at length with a professional funeral care director and their staff, but for a basic understanding of the topic, there are a few things to know about the potential advantages of each type of service.


Advantages of Funeral and Cemetery Casket Burials

Families that decide to hold a traditional funeral and to bury the remains of their fallen loved ones in the earth can receive unique benefits of doing so. The experience of a funeral service and casket burial of the body in the earth is a time-honored tradition that has proven to help families begin adjusting to life without their loved one. Funerals are usually composed of a few unique components, including a viewing, funeral service and graveside gathering.

    • The viewing is also commonly referred to as a wake, or visitation hours. It is an occasion for friends and family of the deceased to gather together in the presence of the body. Emotions may be openly felt and expressed from the pain of loss. People visit, and reminisce as they share the burden of their grief with each other. Viewings give people a sense of togetherness in their shared pain. This is an important benefit of a viewing. Viewings and religious services may be arranged in a preferred faith tradition.
    • The funeral service is usually a formal gathering of mourners who meet together in honor of the person that has passed away. At its best, the funeral is highly personalized to reflect the life, character, personality, achievements, and overall story of the deceased. It can be a bittersweet experience to celebrate the life of a loved one that is no longer with us.
    • The graveside gathering is sometimes held just for family and close friends to attend. In this intimate setting, all who wish can bid a final goodbye to the deceased. It reminds all who attend the gathering of the finality of death, and the fleeting experience of life. A grave marker is placed, and finally, a headstone to mark the place where all can return to the final resting place of the person that has died.


Advantages of Memorial and Cremation Care

Those who choose funeral home and cremations in Pittsburgh, PA are rewarded with unique options that are fitting of our modern way of living. The cremation style of disposition and commemoration has been around for decades, but has steadily grown as the preferred choice of many families due to its distinct advantages.

  • The price of cremation service can be dramatically less costly than a traditional funeral. For this reason, many families see the practical benefit of the practice. In a day of high living costs, it often makes sense for the living to consider the financial cost of after care and make the best choice for their needs. For those who just want cremation without a service, the price is even lower still.
  • The environment is arguably better served by choosing cremation as the means of disposition. It is not required to embalm the body before a cremation unless a viewing or funeral is held before the cremation. Less embalming chemicals used, means less pollutive residue in the earth upon burial. The same goes for casket materials, metals, plastics, etc.
  • The portability of inurned ashes is a deciding factor for many families. In our mobile society, moving across the country for work or other reasons can mean leaving a buried loved one behind. But with cremation, that is not the case. Ashes can be brought with you quite easily, if desired.
  • The memorial service can occur long after death and cremation have taken place. This convenience gives families more time to plan and gather than a traditional funeral.


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