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Jeni-fer C. Stout

  • On June 5, 2023

Jeni-fer Colleen Stout, 41, passed away at Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh on June 4th 2023 after an unexpected severe illness. She was surrounded by family as she passed peacefully.

She is survived by her husband Mark, daughter Skye, sister Laura, brothers Josh and Robert, father Daniel, mother Judith, nieces Owen and Elsie, and nephews Damion, Donovan, Kason, and Liam.

A private celebration of life will be held at her home at a date to be decided later. Jen, as she preferred to be known, was born the mortal avatar of a new universe on December 21st 1981. Needless to say, the current universe was rather peeved and a bit flummoxed by this event. In an act of petty retribution, the universe smote her with a chronic autoimmune liver disease. Jen did not let this stop her however, and promptly got busy running the old universe out of this reality.

She was born in New York state, and lived in Florida and Maryland before finally settling in Pennsylvania. She excelled at her studies in high school, becoming the senior class salutatorian. During her last two years of high school she worked in the school day care since she loved children and was, of course, the avatar of a new universe – nurturing life is part of the job description.

After school she met an introverted geek named Mark who worked at a local store and for some reason known only to vast alien intelligences, she fell in love with this awkward mortal. He helped her navigate the issues of being a universe avatar, while she helped him discover who he was and made him a better person than he ever could have been by himself. They birthed a new avatar, Skye, who combined the best of them both. They all enjoyed all sorts of geekery from wizards with wands to madmen in blue boxes.

Alas, the old universe had not forgotten her, and struck her down one final time, but it had been deceived, for Jen had given all her universal power to her new avatar Skye who will continue on in her stead. Jen soars the celestial pathways now, laughing at the impotent rage of the old universe that could not defeat her, even with death.

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In my prayers ...my heart goes out to you all...although I didn't know her well..she loved those I love dearly ...she loved my son Reese so very much and open her heart and home to him...Thank you for that Jen . My rest my friend ❤️ your are our amazing light in our sky's day and night .. RIP Jen
Anna&Bill Ickes
"A life that touched so many can never be forgott " Love and prayers for her family
Ginger Mowry
Thoughts and prayers for you all.