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Celebrating Life Without Focusing On Death

  • On March 27, 2023

An increasing number of people seeking funeral and cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA inquire about the celebration of life and want funeral directors to help them arrange such funerals. Having a funeral viewing for a loved one without focusing on death sounds contradictory but this is actually what celebrating life is all about. It involves celebrating the good memories that you and other family members have of your deceased loved one. Here are ways of celebrating life without focusing solely on death.



Sharing Stories And Memories

You can have a special gathering or utilize the time for viewing to share the stories and memories of your loved one that emphasize their personality and interests. Sharing these stories can remind everyone about the impact your loved one had on the world and the lives they helped change. When this is done in a meaningful manner it has the potential of providing emotional healing for you and anyone else that is grieving. A great way to help everyone remember their experiences with the deceased is to display your loved one’s keepsakes, and photos, and play the music that your loved one liked at the event.



What To Wear For A Celebration Of Life

Traditionally, black suits and ties or black clothing are often associated with grieving or symbolizes the pain of losing a loved one. That means wearing clothing of that color focuses on death. The appropriate attire for a celebration of life for men includes wearing slacks and a suit jacket or a sport coat. For women, it could be wearing a dress or blouse and a skirt. That means clothing you might wear at any celebration such as a birthday.



Planning A Life Celebration Viewing:

cremation services in Pittsburgh, PAThe secret to planning a life celebration is to think of it as an occasion influenced by your personal and individual experience. You can use a theme that evokes memories of what you loved one achieved in life or the things they liked. Another approach is to have the whole service or gathering happen at a meaningful and displaying elements such as music, photos, and keepsakes that are special to the person. It is important to take the time to plan a life celebration viewing that will provide comfort and closure for those who are grieving.



Play Upbeat Music And Include Board Games, Food, And Drinks

Play music that your deceased kin loved at the viewing or at the memorial service. Invite all relatives and close friends and remind them that there will be food and drinks. Allow them to bring food and board games and encourage everyone to participate. But remember that this is about celebrating the life of a person you love, which means you should customize the celebration of life as you see fit. There are no rules on how to do it.

Fortunately, we are among the few funeral homes that not only provide funeral and cremation services in McKees, PA but also help families arrange celebrations of life for their loved ones. Contact us today.