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Funeral Home Sympathy Card Tips

  • On March 1, 2021

It’s nice to reach out to people you know when they lost a loved one. There are lots of things you can do and those who work in funeral homes in Coraopolis, PA will tell you that sympathy cards are one of the most popular things to send. It’s a nice thought and those who are grieving appreciate your support. Here are some tips to help you say and send the right things.

Tip 1: Choose A Nice Card

You will want just the right card to send in sympathy. You don’t want a card with cheering people on the front or something that looks celebratory. Something with a scenic picture, flowers, or something understated is best. The interior can be blank, left for you to write in it, or it can have a saying, a Bible verse, or simple condolence, like thinking of you. Choosing a nice card is a good start to sending something the family will appreciate.

Tip 2: Write Sincerely

There are lots of things you could say on the card and you don’t have to say a lot. Keep it short and sweet and sincere. Don’t try and make excuses for why you possibly didn’t attend the services. If you couldn’t go, just say you’re sorry that you missed it and that you were thinking of the family the whole time. Tell them that you are sorry for their loss and are there to support them. That’s about all you can do. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot, as long as they are sincere.

Tip 3: Consider Offering To Help

Offering to help the people who are grieving can mean a lot, but try and be specific about it. Instead of just saying if they need anything, let you know, offer something specific that you know you could do with ease—and that they might really need. Tell your friend that when they are ready, coffee at their favorite shop is on you. Offer to mow their lawn while they are busy with family and making plans. Tell them you shop for groceries on Mondays and that you could add anything they need to your list. Things like that can be a big help.

Tip 4: Think About Adding Money

While this isn’t a necessity, if you want to add a check, it’s always a nice thought. Your friend can use the money towards final services if that is needed. They could also use it as a memorial for their loved ones. Or they can donate it to a charity in their loved one’s honor.

When you are watching a friend go through the grieving process, funeral homes in Coraopolis, PA are there to help them plan final services, but they will still need your support to get through the hard times. Your sympathy card and kind words can mean a lot. If you aren’t sure what to say in a card, contact the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care for help in creating the right thoughts

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