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How To Behave At A Memorial Service

  • On November 21, 2022

If you have ever paid a funeral home for cremation services in McMurray, PA, you probably already know how to handle a memorial service. But if you are dealing with a death in the family for the first time, you may not know how to act during such events. Even giving a eulogy may seem like the most difficult thing you are expected to do. Here are tips on how to act during a memorial service.

Wear Formal Clothes

Unlike in celebrations of life where you can wear almost anything you want, a formal black, gray, and eggplant suit or dress is more appropriate for a memorial service. Traditionally, black is the color of mourning in western cultures but in other cultures the color is white. So, what is deemed formal or modest is determined by religion or culture. Making a bold fashion statement at a memorial service is not really a good idea.

Prepare A Speech Or Eulogy A Day Before The Memorial Service

Making a speech after losing a loved one is not always easy. Preparing a speech a day before the memorial service is a great idea because you will know what to talk about. But you can always choose another family member to give the speech if you feel you may be too sad to give that speech. Another alternative is to let the funeral director read the speech you already prepared.

What To Say At A Funeral

People recite poems, tell stories, and read eulogies at a funeral. Make sure that what you say is respectful, courteous, and generous to others. A memorial service should not be an opportunity to wash dirty linen, settle scores, or spread rumors about the deceased. Even if there is a disagreement between family members about the estate left behind by their loved ones, they should all treat the dead and the attendees with respect.

Greet People Who Attend The Funeral

Greeting visitors can happen before or after the memorial service. You can either stand at the doorway or sit at the front where people can come and offer condolences. You don’t have to have a long conversation with them, just saying “Thank You” and shaking their hands is adequate. It is the best way to make the visitors feel like you appreciate them coming to help you grieve your loved one. There are many unique things that can be created with cremated remains and having something new from those ashes can be a great way to memorialize your loved one.

It’s Okay To Show Emotions

There is no wrong or right way to show emotions at a memorial service. Nobody can control the overwhelming waves of emotions that emerge when you lose a loved one. So, be prepared for moments like these with tissues. Wearing sunglasses with no embellishments or a veil is also useful if you want to hide your emotions. Veils and sunglasses can also help hide teary or swollen eyes. But take them off when you are communicating with attendees.

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