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Amy Marie Draa

  • On January 2, 2020

Amy Marie Draa, 40, of NYC, passed away on Sunday, December 29, 2019 after a three-year battle of ovarian cancer. She was born January 22, 1979 in PA, the daughter of Jerry and Peggy Draa.

Amy grew up in Ohio and moved to NYC after graduating Cum Laude from Ohio State University in 2003.

Amy was a one-of-a-kind unique, special person who made an impression wherever she went. She loved high fashion, traveling around the world, the opera, ethnic food, music, writing, her cat Eden and her family and friends. Throughout her life, Amy had many interests, and due to her charismatic nature, her interests influenced all her family and friends, which were many.

In addition to her parents, who were with her at death, she is survived by her grandparents, June Meikle and Grace Draa, an aunt, uncles and cousins. Tragically, her sister Kari Crawford (Jason) died less than 24 hours later from brain cancer. She lost her aunt, Diane Meikle in May.
Amy will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved her. A small memorial service will be scheduled in the spring at her final resting place at the Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA.

Her family wants to thank Concordia Hospice of Washington, PA for the kind care that Amy received.

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  • Jan 3 2020
I’m at a loss of words. What an incredible devastation. My heart is with the family of both Amy and Kari.
  • Jan 3 2020
Amy, I hope you are at peace. There just are not words. Thoughts and prayers to Jerry and Peggy. I cannot even comprehend the grief of losing both Amy and Kari in so short a time.
Phyllis Clute Gibson
  • Jan 3 2020
I'm so sorry for you loss. My prayers go out to you and your family. And that goes double for you Peggy. I can't imagine loosing two daughters within 24 hrs. Praying for the whole family.
  • Jan 3 2020
I met Amy once some years ago because of her visit to Amsterdam with Fred my very good friend since a very long time when I was living in Paris my home town. They stayed at our family home back then for several days and yes she was a wonderful lady to meet with. I have no words about this tragedy and my heart goes to her family. It seems that life is definitely not fair whatever our belief is. Rest in peace Amy together with your little sister. All my love. Louva
  • Jan 3 2020
Her light shines forever. I love you Amy. Thank you for being my friend.
Galatea (poison)
  • Jan 3 2020
Amy was one of my best friends & I jumped at the chance to be there for her whenever she needed me. I love her soo much & will miss her ever day. I told her many times that she was my Queen & she will be forever. She changed my life & introduced me to soo many things & ways to just be better. Please contact me with information for a memorial service, I would love to send flowers & be there to celebrate her life.
  • Jan 3 2020
She was my inspiration. She was one of those human beings, who make life worth living.
  • Jan 4 2020
So incredibly sad. I am very sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences. My sincere condolences to your entire family. May Amy rest in peace. Her bright image and smile will always remain in our hearts. With love and deep sorrow Maxim.
Vincent Carlier
  • Jan 4 2020
Please accept my most sincere condolences for the loss of Amy, as well as for her sister Kari. Amy was one of the most beautiful person that I have had the chance to meet. I interviewed her in 2017 and that was one of the nicest exchange that anyone can have. She carried her own singularity with pride and was the natural spokesperson for anyone wanting to be comfortable in their chosen lifestyle. She will be missed deeply. I take comfort in the hope that your family will support each other in these difficult times. Vincent Carlier
Jan Finnell
  • Jan 4 2020
I was an opera acquaintance of Amy's and will so miss her musical education journey that she so generously shared with us on Instagram. We messaged and I met her once at the Met, looking awesome, of course. I'm not surprised to learn that she graduated from university with honors and admired her dedication, energy, intelligence and fierce desire to learn all that she could about this art form that gave her so much joy. It was incredible that she attended the Bayreuth Festival this past summer and was able to travel so much in the last few years. She was one of a kind and I hope that her carefully crafted IG account will remain so that we can visit her again and again. There are no words for this but I send loving and healing thoughts to her family dealing with such unimaginable losses; her love for you all was so palpable and well-documented. Perhaps in the future there will be a book put together about her singular story and if there is a memorial service in NYC for her many friends and admirers, I would like to attend.
  • Jan 6 2020
You will be missed Amy. Heaven has a new Angel. Much strength to your family and loved ones.
  • Jan 6 2020
There are no words I can offer that could ease the pain that losing two daughters has brought you. I can only hope you find some peace and respite in the love of friends and family at this difficult time. For my part I believe, being amongst them, that Amy was an amazing influence to very many people during her lifetime, and I have no doubt she will be widely and fondly remembered. Amy, for your amazing art, pictures, videos, messages and chats; I will be forever grateful. With love.
  • Jan 10 2020
It has taken me quite some time to find the right words to say. I was introduced to Amy through a mutual friend, her best friend Freddy. She was definitely one of a kind, an inspiration to so many people. A genuine and free spirit. She had given me some very kind words of advice during one the most difficult times in my life and I will never forget that ever. My heart goes out to you Freddy during this extremely sad time. Also my condolences to her family during this most difficult time for the loss of both their daughters. So very sad. Rest In Peace. 🖤
@mybackstageopera RebeccaNYC
  • Jan 12 2020
I'm a chorister at the Met Opera, and I cannot tell you how shocked I am to hear of Amy's and Kari's deaths. I came to know Amy through her IG account about opera. Her knowledge and curiosity was inspiring to everyone, bringing a new energy to an old art form. Amy was a force that will be missed in the Met audience, and those of us on stage who followed her account will miss talking to her about what she thought of the performances. I imagine that the Valkurie recognized one of their own. Sending you my deepest and most sincere sympathies.
  • Jan 14 2020
I am so sorry for your loss. I met Amy a couple of times when she visited London a few years ago and she had her own unique style, grace, manner and beauty that will be unequalled, she was such a lovely lady. I followed her on social media and was devastated to her of her illness, however she fought it with such bravery. She will be sorely missed and I will never forget her. Please inform me of the memorial I would like to send flowers in remembrance. Thoughts and prayers go to her family. RIP Amy
Daniel Harrington
  • Jan 24 2020
She was a Mistress, and a Dominatrix who was dearly loved. She was an utmost Superior, and lived an amazing life of luxury and sex.
Samantha Wheeler
  • Jan 24 2020
Who really cares?