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Planning A Cremation Service On A Fixed Budget

  • On July 11, 2022

Cremation services in McKees, PA are the least expensive option on the market when you need final services for a loved one. There is nothing wrong with choosing direct cremation for that fact. It’s an honorable option and it can help to take care of a loved one while keeping the cost parameters nice and low. When you are tasked with planning a cremation service for someone in your family who has passed on, and you have a limited budget in mind for the process, here are some things you can do to help you with that process.


Let The Professionals Know The Budget Range

You are going to first choose providers to help you to plan and implement your loved one’s cremation services. Take care in who you choose as you want providers that offer fair, affordable prices. Once you choose the professionals you will work with, let them in on your budget range so they can help you stick to those cost parameters. They will show you packages and other additional options that they know you can afford. They can also help you understand where you can spend more and where you might want to save so you have more for other areas.


Consider Direct Cremation

There are different types of cremation, including full and direct cremation. Full cremation allows you to have a funeral and visitation service before the cremation occurs. If you are on a tight budget, consider direct cremation instead. With this type of cremation, you don’t have any services before cremation occurs. You can do whatever you’d like after, but the cremation service itself is straightforward and simple, which makes it cost less.


Choose A Memorial Location

Once the direct cremation service is complete, you may want to have a memorial for your loved one. There are plenty of places you can have a memorial, some of which are going to be quite costly. But you can choose locations that are low or even no cost to you. Consider a family home, for example, a local park, or another such location. It can be meaningful, but also something that fits into your budget.


Pick A Reasonable Resting Place

Resting places can also vary when you choose cremation and there are some that cost more than others. Burial in a cemetery might be too costly for you, but you can bury your loved one in your home garden at no cost. You could scatter the ashes, too, or even keep them in your home in a place of honor. The resting place can help you to further stick to the budget you have in mind.


Allow Others To Pitch In And Help

Even if you are the one planning the cremation services, letting others help can take heat off you, and your budget. If a community group offers to have a reception for you, for example, after the cremation services in McKees, PA and memorial service, let them and that can help with the costs, too.