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Things You Can Do With Cremation Jewelry

  • On September 5, 2022

When a loved one passes on, it might be easy to choose cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA for them. Perhaps you feel that is what they would want or you can only afford that option. Whatever the reason, cremation is a valid, honorable thing to do for your loved one. It also gives you the freedom to do whatever you wish with their remains once they are processed and returned to you. Cremation jewelry is one such option.

Cremation jewelry pieces are nice jewelry pieces that are like mini-urns that you can wear. A few of your loved one’s remains can do into the jewelry container and you can then wear them. Many of these pieces are shaped like hearts, pendants, or crosses, but there are other options as well. Here are a few things you might do with cremation jewelry once you have it.


Share With Family

Since cremation jewelry pieces take only a little bit of your loved one’s ashes, you can get more than one piece and the ashes will go a long way. You can share cremation jewelry pieces with other close family members that indicated they might want something of that sort. It’s nice for everyone close to your loved one to have a little piece of them to keep and it can be something they pass down through the generations as well.


Display It At Home

While many people wear their cremation jewelry items, and you can too, you might also want to place it in a display box at home where it will show as part of a memorial to your loved one. You can hang it on the wall next to a picture of them or place it on the mantel where you and your family can see it often.


Save It Somewhere Safe

Since your loved one’s remains are precious to you, you might not feel safe wearing them or even displaying them, and that’s okay. You can put the cremation jewelry piece in a fireproof safe or another safe location where you can find it whenever you want, but where you know it is safe and secure in the meantime.


Pass It On To Others

Cremation jewelry pieces often become family heirlooms that get passed down. Once your children are old enough, you can pass it on to them and they, in turn, can pass it along in the future. It can be a great way to keep your loved one’s legacy alive and their memory will go along with the piece as it moves through the generations.

When you are deciding what to do for a loved one’s final services, get their cremation services in Pittsburgh, PA organized first and you can deal with the rest later. One nice thing about cremation is that all you have to have is a package and your loved one’s needs are met. After that, you can take your time in deciding what cremation jewelry piece you want and so on.