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Things You May Want To Know About Cremation

  • On December 20, 2021

Cremation services in McMurray, PA are certainly nothing new, but just because they have been around for thousands of years doesn’t mean everyone knows everything there is to know about them. Whether you are thinking of using cremation for your own pre-plans, or you have to make final service plans for a loved one, there are certain things you may want to know about cremation so you can make the best decisions. Here are some questions to ask and answers that can help you with your choices.

Can Funerals Can Still Be Held?

While cremation services are simple and straightforward, having cremation done doesn’t exclude other services. For example, you can have a funeral service first and get some of your family traditions and rituals in then, after that is over, you can have the cremation processed. It’s a nice way to get the best of both worlds. Or, if you want direct cremation, which happens without prior services, you can have a memorial service after that feels more like a funeral. There are plenty of service options that surround cremation.

Does Religion Rule Cremation Out?

In a word, no—for the most part. Most major religions completely accept (and some even promote!) cremation as a valid, honorable method. While there are a few hold outs, if your loved one, or you, are a person of faith, you don’t have to rule cremation out just because of that fact. Look into the religion a little deeper and see what it is okay with. Most likely, you’ll be able to move forward with cremation if that is what you want.

What Final Resting Places Are Available?

After a funeral service comes a burial. There’s no way around that. So what happens after cremation services occur? You get your loved one’s remains returned to you and then, you can do whatever you want with their remains. There are so many final resting place options that it can be hard to decide what to do. You have to think about what your family prefers and what your loved one would appreciate. You can scatter ashes in a number of different places. You can also bury remains in a cemetery, in a family garden, or elsewhere. You can even keep your loved one in your home so they are close by at all times.

What Are The Service Timelines?

Funeral services have tight timelines because the burial has to happen within a few days of a person’s death. With cremation services, you have the luxury of time because there is no set timeline on the services you may want to have around her cremation. Once the cremation services in McMurray, PA are complete, you can have a memorial service right away, or you can plan something a few weeks or even a month or more down the road. The options are all yours. When you do decide on having a service, the professionals at Pittsburgh Cremation & Funeral Care are still there to help with details.