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Scattering Ashes After Cremation Services In Unique Locations

  • On May 9, 2022

When you go with cremation services in McKees, PA for a loved one, you are making an honorably choice no matter why you have gone that direction. Many people appreciate cremation because it places time back on your side. You decide on cremation and your loved one goes through that process after you secure a package of some kind. All of their needs are met, no matter what kind of package you have chosen or how basic it is. Their needs are met and you can then take your time in deciding what you want to do with their remains. You might consider scattering their ashes and if that’s the direction you want to go in, here are some unique locations to consider to give something special to them as a send off.

Your Loved One’s Favorite City

If your loved one visited a certain city on an annual basis, or always wanted to take their vacations in a certain spot, you could say it’s their favorite location. That might be the type of place you want to give them a final resting place. You know it’s somewhere they would like being. It might be across the country or even just across the state. You can arrange the ash scattering and place them somewhere you know they would appreciate.

Your Family Garden

Some people feel more comfortable with dirt under their nails. If your loved one adored gardening, placing them in your family garden or perhaps a community garden they helped to grow could be a really good way to go. You can bury them there or scatter their ashes into the dirt and rake it into the soil. You can also just scatter their ashes over the crops that are already starting to grow.

Underwater Burial

If your loved one was born human, but would rather have been a fish, perhaps burying them underwater feels like the right choice for you. You are going to want to look into any rules and regulations around the bodies of water you consider. But you might have somewhere nice you can visit and give your loved one a resting place you know they would appreciate.

In A Natural, Park Location

Perhaps your loved one enjoyed the outdoors and wanted to do their part for the environment. Scattering their ashes somewhere natural, like the wooded area behind your house, the park nearby that they always walked in, and other such places could be comforting to you. You know they would be comfortable there because it’s nature and they enjoyed being outdoors.

There are plenty of other unique locations to consider for your loved one’s ash scattering. Once the cremation services in McKees, PA are complete, you can take your time in making these decisions. The professionals you worked with on the cremation process can help you to get ideas on locations that might work well for your family and your loved one’s personality and style before you move forward in your planning ahead.